Happy Holiday Indeed


This has been my most anticipated of Christmas Eves. Today was our 7 week ultrasound to see how the embryo/s are doing. We were able to see two gestational sacs. One had a clear embryo (is that what I still call it?) with a strong heartbeat of 178 beats/minute. However, as much as the doctor moved the ultrasound probe, he was unable to clearly see an embryo in the second sac. So, it is either positioned in a place that could not be seen today or that embryo didn’t continue to grow and it is an empty sac. Of course, I’m still very curious to know if we are having a singleton or twins, but I’m over the moon that we know there is one embryo in there that seems to be doing well and we saw the small flickering of it’s heartbeat.

The doctor suggested we return next week for another ultrasound to gather more information about that second sac and whether or not there is a viable and growing embryo in it. He said we’ll be amazed to see how much will change in just a weeks time.

Hubby and I didn’t think we would ever be in this position and it was beyond amazing to see a baby on that screen today, not just my huge endometriomas.

I also called my OB office today and made my initial appointment with them, I’ll be going to them on January 9th. It will be bittersweet to leave the fertility clinic.

As far as symptoms go-I’m having some nausea, mostly if I haven’t eaten in a while, frequent urination (not too different from my normal life, my nickname is “potty princess”), and definite food cravings/aversions. I think I usually eat pretty healthy-but right now all I want are carbs, salt, cheese, things like pizza, grilled cheese, egg mcmuffins, and bread. I’m liking fruit, but not too keen on veggies like I usually am. Hoping I’ll want to eat more like usual soon.

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays. Thank you so much for all of your kind words, support, and love. For those of you still waiting for your BPF, please don’t give up, I’m still continuing to think and pray for all of you! Enjoy the time with your loved ones and families and may 2014 be a wonderful year!!! Safe travels for those who are traveling!


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25 thoughts on “Happy Holiday Indeed

  1. Ahhhhhh! Such wonderful news! I’m sure it’s scary to hear this news about the second embryo, but I’m holding out hope for the little guy! So insanely thankful to hear of such an incredibly strong heartbeat! So, so happy for you, my friend! Wishing you what I hope will be the merriest Christmas in years! Enjoy!!!

  2. What terrific news! I’ve been so anxious to hear your news! This is exactly what happened to us with Matthew – a not exactly doubling beta, one strong babe, one empty sac. I do hope your second one takes off, but from experience, let me just say enjoy knowing you have that one beating away in there!

    So excited for you, and so is my husband!

  3. I was just wondering this morning what you found out at the ultrasound . Then I remembered your blog. So excited for you., just think about your next Christmas , how awesome :)

  4. Your story has encouraged me never to give up or to stop believing! So excited for you and for the wonderful news–sending a huge congratulations and lots of positive energy for continued happiness and healthiness! Merry Christmas!

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