Happy 3rd Birthday Jemma & Zoe!

It’s been much too long since I’ve exclusively written about my sweet girls, Jemma and Zoe!  I have two three year olds…..really?  I have two three year olds?!  It doesn’t seem long ago that our struggles with infertility had come to an end and we found out that we were finally pregnant with twins!  Our sweet twin girls arrived safely at almost 37 weeks and we were finally parents on July 14, 2014!

Jemma and Zoe are no longer babies (even though they will always be my first babies) and are growing up to be amazing little girls.  They are so full of energy, wonder, love and happiness (95% of the time, 5 % tantrums).

Jemma, my first-born, who truly acts like a first born, is my strong-willed and determined one.  She wants to do things her way and will fight to do so.  But, she is the first to give hugs and kisses and tell us “I love you forever”.  She is patient with her little brother and is the first to help me with him.  She’ll bring him a toy if he’s crying, will give him puffs if he seems hungry and will always grab a diaper/wipe/bib, etc if I ask her to.  She LOVES to sing and is now getting into dancing also.  Her favorite movie right now is SING and it’s been on repeat in our house.  Jemma also loves the water, we recently spent a long weekend in Central Washington and she declares the pool was her favorite part of the trip.  Jemma has four loveys-zebra, bunny, Sophie and her small blankie.  All four go everywhere with her and she is devastated if they can’t be found.

Zoe, the “middle child” is our more easy-going, calm one.  She is spunky but doesn’t get as easily upset as her sister does.  Zoe is full of giggles and loves to talk, talk, talk!  She is also very sweet to her brother, but gets more bothered if he touches her, her toys or crawls towards her-“Davis is getting me!”  Zoe also likes to sing and really enjoys coloring and art projects.  Zoe loves to run, but she is also our accident-prone child.  She is always falling down, hitting her head, tripping, etc.  Zoe is boy crazy!  And she loves older boys, I told Hubby that we are going to be in trouble with her when she gets a bit older.  Zoe has one lovey-lion.  She isn’t as attached to him as Jemma is with her loveys, but she still likes to sleep with him every night.

Jemma and Zoe won’t have their three-year check-up until next month-I’ll have to update their stats with another post.  Jemma is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches taller than Zoe and about six pounds heavier.  At birth they were only 2 ounces apart, but obviously their size difference is more significant now.  Zoe wears 2T-3T clothing and Jemma is in 3T-4T, it’ll be interesting to see how tall they will be when they finish growing-hopefully all three kids will get Hubby’s height!

Jemma has been potty trained since we did training last August.  She didn’t wear underwear for almost a year, but has been wearing them for at least a few months now.  When we followed the Oh Crap method the first time, Zoe wasn’t ready.  She had accidents frequently and wasn’t bothered by wet clothing.  Since their preschool requires them to be potty trained, we knew it was crunch time.  We retrained Zoe after our 4th of July beach trip and it’s been successful-Hooray!  We told her the diaper fairy came and took all of the diapers except the night-time pull-ups and she has done awesome.  She’s had a handful of accidents, but otherwise is trained.  She went commando for a few weeks but is now wearing underwear also.  We haven’t nap or night trained them yet since they still sleep in cribs, but I’m sure it’ll happen once they move into big kid beds.  Zoe almost always wakes up dry in the AM and after nap and Jemma wakes up dry most of the time.  We still keep two potties in our main floor powder room, but they use an added child seat on a regular toilet in their bathroom upstairs.  It’s so nice to only have diapers for Davis now!

Jemma and Zoe have been amazing sleepers almost their whole life.  They slept together in one crib until about 5 months and were sleeping about 12 hours straight starting at 4 1/2 months.  They have continued to sleep about 11-12 hours every night and take a 2-3 hour nap most days.  There are some days when the nap time chatting/banter doesn’t quit and we have to get them out of bed after about an hour, but if they don’t get their nap-they are crazy lunatics!  They share a bedroom and we had to resort to a large curtain hung on a tension rod in the middle of their room to create a sort of separation for naps.  It worked amazingly well at first, but nowadays, if they want to talk and scream, they will do so, even if they can’t see each other.

They use to be great eaters and would eat almost everything-today it’s all about kid food.  They love pizza, “cheesy noodles” (mac n’ cheese), chicken nuggets, quesadillas, grilled cheese, etc.  They at least love fruit and most proteins (especially fish), but it’s a struggle to get them to consume any veggies.  And like Mommy and Daddy-they both love their desserts/sweets!  Jemma has developed a berry allergy, so we don’t buy many berries any longer-she is getting tested this week, hopefully we’ll find out exactly what berries trigger her rashes.

Jemma and Zoe definitely keep us entertained-they say the funniest things!

“Candy makes me crazy”-Zoe

Jemma growling one day:

Me:  “where did you learn to growl?”

Jemma:  “From Daddy”

Me:  “Daddy doesn’t growl.”

Jemma:  “From Mommy”

“Mommy is the boss, Daddy is the worker” or “Daddy is the boss, Mommy is the worker”-Jemma and Zoe

“I love Johnny”-Zoe about the gorilla from the movie SING

“Don’t look at me!”-Zoe (she is so bossy!)

“Mommy-you are a woman?”-Jemma

My friend bought me a book called My Quotable Kid-it’s been great to write down all of the funny things the girls say.

Jemma and Zoe had an ice cream themed 3rd birthday party.  They LOVE ice cream, so they were very excited to have ice cream sundaes for their birthday dessert!  We had my Mom and in-laws over for a small family party on their actual birthday and then had a kids party the day after.  We missed Papa at their parties since he was home in Yakima.  The girls received balance bikes from us for their birthday-they aren’t too interested in them yet, but hopefully they’ll get the hang of them soon.

file-12 (3)

My sweet three-year olds!

file-13 (1)

Everyone but Daddy in their ice cream shirts

file1-2 (2)

Ice cream sundaes-3 times 2!

file2 (3)

We all scream for ice cream!

file (20)

Balance bikes

Last weekend we enjoyed a long weekend with most of our twin friends from our multiples group at a resort community in Central Washington called Suncadia.  We rented a big house and had 4 families all together-it was so much fun and a little chaotic at times.  Davis was the odd one out being the only singleton!

file-1 (8)

Pool time!

file-14 (1)

Four sets of three-year old twins! Fun and crazy!

My heart keeps growing and growing with how much I love my twin girls.  They drive me crazy at times, but they also fill my heart with so much joy.  When life gets a bit hard, I just have to remind myself how much I prayed and wished for these two amazing little ones.  I hope they continue to love life and see the world with so much wonder!

I love you Jemma and Zoe to the moon and back!



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