TTC (trying to conceive) Timeline

-May 2010-go off birth control, still using back-up method

-August 2010-stop using back-up method (leaving for Europe in Sept. 2010 and am slightly nervous that I’ll be pregnant and not feeling well for the trip)

-October 2010-Start using OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) to time intercourse

-November 2010-Actually timing intercourse right with my ovulation

-December 2010-Start seeing an acupuncturist weekly-she has me taking Chinese herbs as well as seeing her for acupuncture

-February 2011-Start seeing a Naturopath on a referral from my acupuncturist. ND starts me on vitamins and Vitex, later diagnoses me with a hypothyroid (she wants to get my TSH between 1-2, ideal for conception), start taking Armor thyroid medication (went from 15 mg orally to 30 mg sublingual (too much) and back to 15 mg sublingual), thinks I might be underweight (exercising too much, although I’ve cut out spin classes, Bikram yoga and most running)-my cycles get more irregular than they have already been

-May 2011-HSG (hysterosalpingogram)-right fallopian tube clears immediately, left side has a delayed clearing. Hubby has a SA (semen analysis) and results are great, he has great swimmers!

-May-September 2011-Continue to see my ND, finally she calls and says she is stumped. Thought my case would be easy, but is literally dumbfounded on what is causing my infertility

-September-October 2011-Go back to my OB-GYN, starts me on 50 mg Clomid (still don’t ovulate), Oct-up to 100 mg Clomid with IUI (interuterine insemination)–>;BFN (big fat negative)

-December 2011-Finally go to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist at Seattle Reproductive Medicine (SRM). Doctor does some labs (my ovarian reserve isn’t good for a female at age 32) and recommends 3 rounds of letrozole (brand name-Femara) with IUI. I ovulate earlier with letrozole and we do 2 IUIs (I’m very hopeful)–>;BFNs both times. While doing letrozole, RE has me come in for baseline and mid-cycle ultrasounds. Discover that I have endometrioma cysts in both right and left ovaries. Sonographers ask if I have endometriosis and and I say “No” because I’ve never had the typical symptoms and haven’t ever been diagnosed. I don’t see the doctor again at this time, but my nurse tells me it’s okay to continue taking the letrozole and having the IUIs. We only do 2 IUIs when I have another consult with my RE, I’m nervous about the cyts that are growing larger with the medications. RE says that with my condition IUIs aren’t going to work and that it’s time to move onto IVF. She says they won’t remove my endometriomas (too risky at damaging my low number of follicles or damaging the ovary), but may drain some blood during egg retrieval. Will need to start medication protocol before egg retrieval and embryo transfer. RE says we may not have many good embryos since I have low AMH (anti-mullerian hormone-test for ovarian reserve)

-Present March 2011-Taking time off from all of the fertility treatments. Trying to be nice to myself-drinking wine, not taking my temperature every morning, trying to be spontaneous with hubby and going on some already planned vacations (Hubby thinks it is important to make some time for US-why I married this man).

-Will be meeting again with my RE next week to lay out our finals plans for our upcoming IVF.

-IVF tentatively planned for first week of July 2012.

-May-June 2012-Birth control in attempt to keep cysts stable and in preparation for IVF.

-June 12, 2012-Start Lupron injections.

-June 20, 2012-Suppresion check, ultrasound shows only 4 follicles, IVF is called off. Told to discontinue birth control and Lupron-will try for a natural cycle start. Will have a follow-up ultrasound and blood work in 3 weeks. If 8 follicles are present will be able to proceed with IVF soon.

-July 23, 2012-Check on follicles after discontinuing birth control and Lupron. 16 follicles.

-July 25, 2012-Start stimulation meds-300 IU of Follistim, 75 IU of Menopur.

-July 27, 2012-Day 3 Blood test

-July 29, 2012-Day 5 Blood test and Ultrasound-10 follicles that are growing at about the same rate.

-July 30, 2012-Start 250 mcg Ganirelix acetate

-August 1, 2012-Day 8 Blood test and Ultrasound-10 follicles, 7 growing and good sized.

-August 4, 2012-Egg Retrieval-9 follicles retrieved. Follow-up-all 9 inseminated, 6 fertilized.

-August 9, 2012-Embryo Transfer-2 high quality blastocysts transferred. Remaining 4 embryos don’t make it for freezing.

-August 18, 2012-hCG blood draw. Test result is negative.

-October 7, 2012-Egg Retrieval #2-19 follicles retrieved. Follow-up-all 19 inseminated, 8 fertilized.

-October 12, 2012-Embryo Transfer-2 high quality blastocysts transferred. 3 blastocyst embryos frozen.

-October 21, 2012-BFN

-November 5, 2012-FET cycle cancelled

-December 2012-HRT FET cycle started (Lupron, Vivelle patches and progesterone in oil supplementation)

-January 8, 2013-FET #1. Transferred 1 good quality embryo.

-January 17, 2013-BFN.

-June 2013-IVF #3

-June 4, 2013-Start 375 IU Follistim, 75 IU Menopur, 25 IU Omnitrope (growth hormone), decrease Lupron to 5 units (Started Lupron May 25th at 10 units daily)

-June 3, 2013-Day 3 Bloodwork, Estrogen 237

-June 8, 2013-Day 5 Bloodwork and U/S, Estrogen 1006 (decrease Follistim to 300 IU)

-June 11-12, 2013-Day 8/9 Bloodwork, change Follistim to 200 IU and 275 IU respectively

-June 15, 2013-Embryo Retrieval #3-30 eggs retrieved, next day-21 fertilized

-June 20, 2013-Embryo Transfer #3-5 day transfer of 2 hatching blastocysts (7 blastocysts frozen)

-June 29, 2013-BFN

-November-Starting protocol for FET #2 (Adding dexamethasone to protocol, last IVF cycle under Attain program)

-November 22, 2013-transferred 2 embryos (1 fair quality, 1 good quality)

-November 27, 2013-first positive HPT EVER!

-December 1, 2013-HCG blood test-Beta #1-452!!!!

-December 3, 2013-HCG blood test-Beta #2-691 (a little nervous that it didn’t quite double)

-December 6, 2013-HCG blood test-Beta #3-1803

-December 24, 2013-First ultrasound, 7 weeks 2 days, see two sacs, 1 clear embryo, inconclusive if a singleton or twins are present

-January 3, 2014-Second ultrasound, 8 weeks 5 days, 2 sacs and 2 embryos…..we’re having twins!!!

-January 9, 2014-Transferred to OB


8 thoughts on “TTC (trying to conceive) Timeline

  1. Just started following you through another blog (can’t remember which one, sorry). I’m so sorry to hear about the negative result! Hopeful for your next cycle!

  2. I already commented on another post– but wanted to add– with endometriosis and thyroid issues, and with blasts that failed to implant, you have very high chances of having an immune issue that is preventing implantation. Going gluten and dairy free is a great first step, but the resolution can be as easy as (1) getting tested (only a few doctors in the US know what to test, and only 2-3 labs in the US are capable of doing the testing, and then (2) treatment is way less expensive than IVF! I have a “FAQ” about immunology on my blog at the top– peek at it if you are curious. Don’t settle for “unexplained” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I just read your timeline and was struck by a number of similarities between our histories (endometriosis, hypothyroid, repeat IVF failure). I was amazed to see your response to your third IVF: 30 eggs! Do you know what caused the increased response? Do you think it was the growth hormone? I am just ending my third IVF (and I’m pretty much positive it’s negative) so I am thinking about next steps and what kind of protocol changes might work for us. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

  4. Saw your page on 1st pregnancy and vane here! I’m also going to SRM and I’m currently song Dr. Paul Dudley! Congrats on your twins!

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