Davis Nine Months

I can’t believe another month has gone by…..seems like I was just typing Davis’ eight month update yesterday!  We are loving our summer, the sun finally came out here in the Pacific Northwest and it has been nothing but sunny, warm, gorgeous days!  I’m sad that next week is already August, summer is flying by much too quickly!

Davis is all over the place, he is crawling non-stop and you can’t turn your back for more than a second before he is all the way across the room or getting into something.  And oh my goodness, he pulled himself up to standing last night!  Everyone was upstairs for bath time and then next thing I know, he is standing up holding onto the side of the tub.  The tub is the last place I want him to lose his balance and conk himself on the head!

Davis is continuing to enjoy eating solids-still loves avocados best, but also enjoying some fruits.  We’ve tried pears, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarine, banana, watermelon, and cantaloupe.

Most meals/feedings are four to six ounces of breast milk with 1/2-1 pouch along with either multigrain cereal for breakfast or solids/finger foods for lunch and dinner.  Bedtime is still a six to eight ounce bottle that he usually starts dozing while drinking.

Davis is consistently sleeping through the night.  He is usually down around 9 PM and sleeps until 7-8:30 AM.  Naps are less predictable, but most days he takes two naps.  Usually a shorter morning nap-45 minutes to an hour and an afternoon nap (most days at the same time as the girls) for about 2 hours.  Davis naps in his crib, we gave a borrowed rock n’ play back to our friends and the swing will be moving up to the attic soon.  In fact, we are moving his bouncer and jumper up there as well (not for any more of our babies, but for hopefully cousins down the road).

Davis is in 9 month clothing and wearing size 4 diapers.  He has his 2 lower incisors and the top 2 central incisors are almost through with the top lateral incisors shortly behind.  Davis does still bite on occasion when I nurse him, so now that the upper teeth are almost through, I’m quite anxious to nurse him.  Most days I exclusively pump, however, my milk supply is starting to go down, so the ol’ milk factory may be shutting down soon.

Davis LOVES our cats, he literally crawls around chasing them and will tackle them if he gets the chance.  Maya, our 14-year-old tabby, seems to be just as fond of Davis as he is of her.  Bode, our 6-year-old Maine Coon is less fond of the chasing and tackles.

This boy is ALL smiles!

file (19)

file1 (6)

file1-1 (3)

I know I sound like a broken record-but I can’t get enough of my baby boy!



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