Davis Ten Months

Wow…..double digits!  And….I’m only about three weeks late posting his ten month update.  This little guy continues to bring us all joy and smiles and he has us constantly chasing after him as he is ON THE MOVE!

Davis is crawling all over the house and does so very very quickly.  He is standing, crawling up on his small chair and is starting to do a little cruising.  We’ve even caught him standing unassisted a couple of times, which I think he’s done without knowing it himself.  The twins didn’t start walking until about 15 months, so Davis is progressing with physical movement so much sooner than they did.  I have a feeling that he’ll be walking by his first birthday.

Davis is taking two naps a day, one mid morning around 10 AM and another in the afternoon around 2 PM (about the same time the girls’ take their nap).  He is sleeping around 10-11 hours per night and his routine is predictable.

He started out gagging terribly when we started solids, but this boy loves food now!  Favorite foods are:  avocado, pears, mangoes, and black beans.  He’ll eat just about anything as long as it’s soft enough for him.  He does also enjoy meat and seafood cut into small pieces.

Typical feeding for Davis:

After waking (breakfast):  6 oz bottle followed by cereal and solid foods

After AM nap (lunch):  solid food followed by 6-8 oz bottle

After PM nap (dinner):  solid food followed by 4-6 oz bottle

Before bed:  Into sleep sack followed by 7-8 oz bottle

Davis now has 8 teeth, 4 incisors on top and 4 incisors on bottom.  I’m exclusively pumping because Davis is a biter!  I’m winding down my pumping this week, I have enough in our chest freezer that if I’m done pumping when Davis is 11 months, I should have enough of a supply to get him to one year.  It’s been hard work, but I’m happy that I can provide him with breast milk for his first year of life, it’s been a big accomplishment since I was only able to give the girls breast milk for about 6 months and that was with supplementing them with half formula.

Davis is in 9 to 12 month clothing and size 4 diapers.  He’ll have his one year check in early November and we can see how much he has grown.

file-8 (4)

Ten Months-YAY!

file1 (7)

Ok…..he does cry sometimes

file-16 (1)

Mama and D ready for the Seahawks game last Sunday!

file-18 (2)

I just can’t with this face!!! Literally cannot

We’ve had a lot of life changes.  If you follow me on Instagram , you know that my Mom has retired from helping us with our children and we now have an Au Pair living with us, I’ll be posting next about all of our recent changes.

Until then…..



7 thoughts on “Davis Ten Months

  1. Remember how difficult it was with the girls and breastfeeding? Doesn’t it sound like a lifetime ago? I hope you feel at peace now with D.
    Cruising, huh? He wastes absolutely no time, does he? 😜
    I sent you a request to follow you on insta. The account with Mina – it’s me.

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