Happy 2nd Birthday Jemma & Zoe!

Dearest Jemma and Zoe-

How are you 2 years old already?  Right before my eyes you’ve gone from tiny little babies to fun, energetic, loving, silly, beautiful, thoughtful and independent little ladies.  I’m amazed at how much you’ve grown in the past two years.

I love how you scrunch your noses when you smile and laugh.  I love that you always kiss owies and bring each other your lovies when each of you is crying.  I love that you share food with Mommy and Daddy when we ask for a bite, even if it’s just a crumb (Jemma!).  I love that you sing in the car and in the stroller, your voices are beautiful!  I love your hugs, especially when you rest your head on my shoulder.

I love your excitement over seeing your grandparents and having friends visit our house.  I love your kindness in sharing toys with others even when you don’t want to.  I love seeing your smiling faces at the back door as I’m walking in from a long day at work.  You make even the worst day at work the best day at home.

Jemma-continue to be your determined, strong-willed, funny self.  Keep saying “nope” and “yup” if it makes you happy.  Keep giving hugs to Zoe even when she refuses them.  Keep eating the berries you love!  Keep loving your Daddy the way you do.  Even though you are Zoe’s twin, you are my first born with a first born personality.  You pave the way, you do things how you want them done, you are determined.  I know you have big things in store for you!

Zoe-continue to be your fearless, silly, stubborn self.  Stay happy and draw people in with your funny personality and infectious laugh.  Keep letting me hold you.  Take care of others like you do.  Continue to share things with Jemma even if she doesn’t always reciprocate.  You will pursue your dreams, don’t let anyone shadow your sunshine!

You are both going to be wonderful, caring and protective big sisters.  I know you will take care of your little brother.  You’ve already shown us and the world what loving people you are.

I’m closing my eyes and holding onto this moment.  This day, the day you were born two years ago, was one of my happiest days.  I longed to be a Mommy and you made that happen!  I love every moment with you, even when we have tough moments, I still love you with all of my heart.  I love being your Mommy, I couldn’t imagine a world without either of you!




JZ newborn

Two weeks old

JZ 2 yo

My little ladies! Love you!

Pregnancy Update

 I haven’t really documented this pregnancy compared to my first pregnancy. Like I mentioned before, we are so busy with the girls, that this pregnancy is just flying by. I’m already 24 1/2 weeks along, hard to imagine that we are more than halfway there.

When I was pregnant with the girls, I had an ultrasound at almost every OB visit, this time around I’ve only had two since the initial ones at the fertility clinic.
I have my glucose test at my next visit, I failed my one hour with the girls and had to do the three hour test, I’m hoping I’ll pass the one hour this time around, but with how often and how many sweets I like to eat, we’ll have to wait and see….
Overall I’m feeling really good, it’s just now getting hard to bend over and maneuver, but unlike last time, I’m sleeping comfortably and haven’t had to get my body pillow out yet. I’m still able to exercise (although I don’t get to the gym nearly as often as I’d like to since we have the girls at home and I feel guilty leaving them when I’m gone already with work), but staying active has definitely helped me feel good.
I’m being lenient with my diet, eating what sounds good and not being restrictive in anyway. This time around I’ve been more lenient with caffeine and with the permission of my OB have indulged in a regular Americano a few times a week. I think I only had caffeine a handful of time with the girls, so if this boy comes out crazy and out-of-control, I’ll blame the caffeine. :)
Last I weighed myself, I was up about 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I had lost a few pounds in my first trimester, so probably up more like 14 pounds total. I can still wear a few of my workout pants and almost all of my leggings, thank goodness for stretchy pants! But, otherwise, wearing maternity clothes, especially for work. I love these asos maternity jeans, they look stylish and are comfortable.
I’m continuing to do acupuncture about once every four weeks, I had carpal tunnel extremely bad with my first pregnancy which interfered with work and with taking care of the girls postpartum. Thank God, I’ve only have a few very mild episodes when I’ve been really busy at work, but otherwise, it hasn’t been an issue. I’m hoping the swelling and edema that I had last time will not happen this time around.
We are in Hawaii this week, our last big hurrah vacation until after baby arrives. The girls are doing really well (taking 2-3 hour naps each day and staying relatively on schedule), but we hardly get a chance to sit down when they are awake. Dining out is always an adventure and not always a fun one! They have discovered Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, so that can buy us a little quiet time when we are hanging out at the condo.
Hubby and I will be going to Suncadia Resort in a few weeks for our tenth dental school reunion for a weekend and will have an overnight stay at Willows Lodge for our anniversary in September, lucky number seven! Looking forward to a little time with just the two of us before we become a family of five!
I’ll be prepping for the girls’ second birthday party after we get home from vacation. We’ll be keeping with our vacation theme and will be hosting a Luau Birthday Party. I’m going to order food from a local Hawaiian restaurant to keep things simple and will make their dessert (probably cupcakes). I can’t believe they are almost 2, I’m so happy that they are growing up happy, healthy and well-loved, but can’t help feel a little sad at how quickly it has flown by and that this time will pass. I love that they need me now, that they want me to hold them, that they want to be around me and I love their innocence and pure joy about everything! If only we could all remember this time in our lives.

23 week bump

Aloha! I’ll post about our trip soon! Hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July!


Twenty Three Months

One month until I have two two-year-olds!!!!  (Insert emoji with tears)  It is unbelievable how fast these last two years have gone by-I think the saying “days are long, years are short” is so accurate and true when you have little ones.  At this point, I would be happy for life to slow down so I can enjoy the pure innocence, joy and naivete of this time in Jemma and Zoe’s life.  Also, I would like to enjoy more time sleeping through the night before Baby #3 arrives this coming fall.

I feel like the girls have really had some developmental milestones in the last month.  Their vocabulary is exploding and they are starting to put two to three words together in phrases.  I stopped writing down all of their words since I felt like I wasn’t keeping up.  They are running all over, going up and down stairs with less assistance, remembering things that happened a day or even a week ago, and of course, we are getting much more sass, tantrums and feisty behavior.  We use to think Zoe was our “easy” and “mellow” child, my, how the tables have turned, she is now our wild child.  We now know that Jemma is our cautious, more reserved one and that Zoe is our spunky, more adventurous one.  They still will go back and forth with being shy and reserved when they are around new people, but it’s funny how Jemma has more of a first born personality (Baby A) and Zoe more of a second child personality (Baby B).

The girls still love to do the face filters on SnapChat and LOVE watching videos of themselves on my phone.  They are also getting a little more interested in the TV, I will on occasion let them watch a 20-30 minute program when I need to get dinner made or just need a little time to relax.  Since they rarely get to watch TV, it’s a special treat.


Happy Birthday Mimi!


Zoe playing with SnapChat


Jemma posing on our step stool!


Dining al fresco, Zoe giving a cheesy smile

This past week Hubby brought the girls to my office for their first dental visit.  They come to my office pretty often, so they are use to the atmosphere, but this was their first time sitting in our dental chairs.  Neither wanted to sit by herself in the chair, so Hubby laid down and both laid on his chest for their cleanings and exam.  I was amazed at how well both of them did.  They let my hygienist clean their teeth first with a toothbrush, then they let her use a prophy/polishing cup and let her floss and they loved the suction tip.  Then both girls let Mommy come in and count their teeth and do their exam!  We thought this would be more of a “Happy Visit” to the dentist, but it was an actual dental visit!  I was a proud Mama that day!


Mommy doing an exam on Jemma


Our dental family

Hubby and I recently did a lot of painting on the interior of our house.  We are going to move the girls to our bigger extra bedroom upstairs, so it started with me wanting to paint an accent wall in their new room.  Then it turned into me painting their whole room and then it turned into Hubby and I painting our whole main floor minus our kitchen and our stairwell and upstairs hallway.  Our main floor had several colors, all flat paint (which shows every scratch, scuff, and hand print)-light cream yellow, olive green and a dark olive/brown color is what we had.  Hubby taped everything and primed the dark walls and we painted everything a light blue/grey color and used eggshell-type paint which should be much more kid friendly and easy to touch-up if needed.  Amazingly, we knocked out the whole project in two weekends.  Hubby did the prep work one weekend and we did all of the other painting the following weekend either after the girls went to bed or during nap times.  Luckily the girls cooperated on sleeping so we could get everything done.

This past weekend we were down in California to celebrate my sister-in-law’s graduation from her PhD/Psy D program.  My in laws were on our flight down and back and all of my Hubby’s brothers came to town-it was so nice to spend time with family and it was nice for everyone to spend time with the girls.  One of my Hubby’s brothers lives with his wife in Texas and they hadn’t seen the girls for a year!


Family photo at the graduation BBQ


J & Z with two of their Uncles and Aunts, Hubby’s second brother and wife on top, his third brother and wife on bottom

The girls did well on the flights, it’s nice to have a two to three hour flight versus a five to six hour flight.  We woke the girls up at 5:30 AM on Friday and they didn’t take naps that entire day, so it made for a very long day!

I’m now 21 weeks and 3 days into this pregnancy.  Still feeling great, my tummy has definitely popped out and I’m wearing maternity clothes.  We had our twenty week ultrasound on June 3rd, baby boy is doing great, since we already knew gender the technician didn’t spend anytime checking for boy parts.  Heart rate and blood flow looked great as well.

Hubby and I still can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going.  Since we are so busy with the girls, we hardly have time to think about it.  So crazy to think that the baby will be here before the end of the year.  I keep going back and forth about doing a VBAC or having a scheduled C-section.  Since I have my own dental practice, I’ll only be able to take six weeks off and I don’t want to spend two weeks of that waiting for baby, but I know a vaginal recovery could be easier as long as everything goes smoothly versus a C-section surgery.  The more I think of it the more I lean towards the scheduled C-section.  I have a patient who is an OB and she said she would recommend a VBAC to her patients but she herself has and would have a scheduled C-section.  Any Mamas out there who have been in this same situation?  If so, what would you recommend from personal experience?


Twenty week bump, it’s gotten much since this picture!

Summer officially starts next week!  I’m excited for more sun and long days, but wouldn’t mind this year slowing down.



Twenty Two Months

Happy May!  We’ve had an unbelievable spring so far here in the Northwest.  Lots of time outside which has been great.  The girls love being outside, it’s almost difficult to get them to go inside once they are out.  They also love being barefoot and take their shoes and socks off as soon as they can.

We’ve been going on lots of evening walks, eating out of our deck, blowing bubbles in the grass and going to neighborhood parks.  The girls have discovered slides and LOVE them!  Some of the park slides are a little tall and make me nervous, but it’s nice that some parks have smaller slides made for toddlers.

Zoe has started using the potty on occasion but feels the need to take off all of her clothes when she sits on the potty, I think it’s because most of the time that she goes pee is right before bath and we get them undressed.  Jemma is still being somewhat regular on using the potty, we’re planning on picking a weekend this summer to do a dedicated weekend of potty training, I continue to go back and forth on whether I think two toddlers in diapers or two toddlers who may or may not be fully potty trained with a new baby will be easier.  Thoughts from any of you who have been through it?

The girls are both teething, Jemma especially, her second molars are coming through and this is the first time we’ve had issues with teething.  Crying, waking at night, fussiness, etc., hoping they’ll come through and they won’t be having discomfort for too long.  We have been giving them ice rings and Hyland’s Teething Tablets to help soothe the discomfort.

We’ve definitely had a word explosion in the last month.  They are talking all of the time, not quite saying phrases or words in conjunction, but lots of words.

New Words:

Edamame (mame)


Ruff ruff



Brown bear (Zoe will say this when we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear)





Poopy and Pee Pee


Mimi (my Mom is thrilled that they finally say the name we call her)



Baby (It’s so cute, they’ll point to my stomach and say “baby” or point to the infant seat and say it)




Speaking of yucky, I got Zoe to get rid of her striped kitty that use to be attached to her Wubbanub, we took the pacifier off of it early on (around 4 months), but she would still suck on the legs and it would smell and would often be soaking wet.  Finally one day I told her that it was gross and yucky and that maybe we should throw it away.  She agreed and threw it into the garbage can, she never looked back and now it’s gone, hooray!  She has now moved onto the pink kitty Wubbanub animal, but I figure it’s got some time until it’s as gross as the striped kitty was.

The girls had their first haircut a couple of weeks ago, Zoe didn’t mind at all and actually had fun at the kids’ salon.  Jemma was pretty nervous and apprehensive, she started off on Hubby’s lap and then had to go on my lap.  In the end, they were both troopers and got their shaggy hair trimmed up.  We rewarded them with donuts after.


Enjoying the sun on our deck!


Popsicles on a hot day!



Zoe in the Barbie Jeep ready for her first haircut!


Jemma sitting on Daddy’s lap, not too thrilled about her haircut.




Spending a sunny Friday with my girls!


Having fun with the filters on Snapchat!

As far as the pregnancy goes, I’m just a little over 17 weeks.  I forget that I am pregnant often times, I don’t know if it’s being pregnant with a boy vs. girl, one vs. two or having two toddlers around to chase.  I have another appointment this Friday with my OB, I’m hoping to hear the heartbeat as I’m still not feeling the baby and getting a little nervous that all is okay.  I think the worry comes from my journey to this point, I think until this baby boy is in my arms, the worry of the pregnancy won’t fully subside.


16 weeks pregnant, I know I was definitely bigger than this with the twins.

Hope you all have a great week!



Visit to Mimi & Papa’s

We had the last week off from work, we originally had plans to go with friends and my parents to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico but we cancelled our trip due to the Zika virus.  My OB advised against travel to any country that the CDC has listed for the Zika virus.  Mexico will always be there, we definitely do not want to take any chances with the new baby.

We spent the week off getting a lot of stuff done around the house and we went over to Central Washington to visit my parents for a few days.  My Mom takes care of our girls for two weeks of every month, but my Dad doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with the girls and they love having us visit them at home.  We visited a few parks and enjoyed some of my parents delicious cooking!


Car ride to Mimi & Papa’s-we coordinated our departure time with nap time


I’m pretty tall-don’t you think?!


Daddy’s girls


Wearing Mimi’s glasses….upside down of course!


Papa and Zoe


Running at the park


My little Harry Potter


Feeding the ducks……geese mostly


Zoe on the spiral slide!

The girls had so much fun and are really growing up, we spent time with my friend who has two kids older than Jemma and Zoe and they love playing with older kids!

I’m still feeling great, minimal pregnancy symptoms, I had an OB exam last week and heard baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler, sounded nice and strong!  We already have our 20 week anatomy scan ultrasound scheduled for early June…..half way through, eek!

Happy Hump Day!



Time to tell….

I’m a very open book and if you talk to anyone that I’m close to in my real life knows that I am the last person to be able to keep a secret.  Well, I’ve been keeping a secret…..

We are expecting baby #3 in October of this year.

I’m not sure why I didn’t document the whole process on the blog like I did with all of our other attempts at getting pregnant.  I guess I just felt more private about this attempt at getting pregnant and since we went into trying for baby #3 with little to no expectations I felt more relaxed and intimate about it.

Hubby and I had been going back and forth about having another child.  I always envisioned having three children but didn’t know how long the journey would take when we started trying to create our family.  Hubby also wanted three children but I think got more apprehensive about it after I had such an involved delivery that put my health at great risk.  Plus, with having twins, we’ve been pretty busy and the thought of adding another child to the mix was feeling a little overwhelming.

However, the time came when we thought, if we’re going to add one more, we probably should start now because who knows how long it will take, if it will even work and the fact that we aren’t getting any younger.  We had previously talked to my former OB and asked if having another child was even an option given all that I had been through with my pregnancy and delivery, she gave us the green light and said much of what happened was due solely to the fact that I had twins, she didn’t think I would run into the same issues if I had a singleton.

In December of this past year we went to our fertility doctor and told her that we would like to try for baby #3, this would be IVF #6.  We told her that we only wanted to put one of our frozen embryos in this time around.  The clinic was doing some remodeling on their lab so it put us at having a transfer in February of this year.  We did the EXACT same protocol that we did when we got pregnant with Jemma & Zoe.

Here was our timeline:

December 9, 2015-Start birth control pills

December 17, 2015-Hysteroscopy

January 6, 2016-Start Lupron

January 16, 2016-Start Estrace (estrogen), Start Dexamethasone.  Estrogen level on 1/22/2016-122.  Lining on 1/29/2016-11.4 mm.  Estrogen on 1/29/2016-272

January 30, 2016-Stop Lupron, Start Progestone in Oil

February 4, 2016-Embryo Transfer (hatching blastocyst)


5 day hatching blastcyst

I tested at home every day between the transfer and my blood draw.  I got my first faint line on 7dp5dt.


Extreme faint line 7dp5dt-hardly detectable

February 13, 2016-HCG Blood draw.  HCG Beta 153.7

February 16, 2016-HCG Blood draw #2.  HCG Beta 520

March 11, 2016-Seven week ultrasound-Heart rate 165, gestational sac measuring 6 weeks 6 days, 1 week behind.  Dr. advised getting another ultrasound in 2 weeks.  I started to read online and of course, put myself into a world of worry for 2 weeks.

March 18, 2016-slight bleeding for a couple of hours

March 25, 2016-First OB appointment at almost 10 weeks.  Heart rate in the 150s, baby measuring at 9 weeks 6 days (spot on!), Dr. didn’t even measure gestational sac, said it wasn’t a value that they would take into account, size of baby was most important.

I took the Estrace tabs until Week 10 and did the Progesterone in Oil injections until Week 12.

April 8, 2016-12 Week Ultrasound/NT scan-everything looked great, Heart rate 154, normal NT value.  Had blood draw for Maternit21 screen.


12 week ultrasound/NT scan


Fatigue/tired.  No nausea, no vomiting, no increased sense of smell for first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  In my 13th week I came down with a stomach bug and had diarrhea and one episode of vomiting.  I also had a 101 fever and had to work while feeling yucky.  The nausea has since stuck around, but is not nearly as bad as it was the week of the stomach bug.

I haven’t gained any weight yet.  Lost some like I did with my first pregnancy and lost another pound or so while I was sick.  Currently, I’m at my normal pre-pregnancy weight.

Definitely feeling much different than my first pregnancy, carrying two versus one baby is a lot different!  And like I said, minimal symptoms.

I will be planning for a VBAC delivery, but overall, I want to do whatever is the safest.  I would like to do a VBAC because I think the recovery will be easier especially with having two toddlers, but I wouldn’t be opposed to another C-section if my OB advises it.  We will probably have a better idea of what to expect as my due date approaches.  Due date is October 22, 2016.  Hard to believe that the new baby will be arriving before the end of the year!!!

We’ve shared the news with our family and friends.  Jemma and Zoe aren’t quite understanding the news we are sharing.  They will point to my stomach when we ask where the baby is in Mommy’s tummy, but I think they will be surprised when baby comes.

AND Baby #3 is a………………………….BOY!!!!!  I was 99.9% sure it was another girl, so I was shocked when we got our genetic screen results back.

So, that is my big secret…..more posts to come!


Twenty One Months

Today it is 82 degrees out…..82 degrees!…..in the middle of April……in Seattle!  This is just crazy!  I’m at work today, but wishing I was out with the girls soaking in this abnormal sunshine.  The Northwest has been having unusually nice and warm weather so far this spring, it’s been a welcome change after all of the rain we had earlier this year.  I’m looking forward to an evening walk after dinner tonight.

Jemma and Zoe are only three months away from age 2…..so hard to believe that we officially have toddlers.  They are doing great, we are definitely hearing more words, enjoying more singing and overall just having a ton of fun!

Last week I had a rough week, I came down with a stomach bug that was going around, but I kept my distance from the rest of the family and luckily no one else came down with it.  We have been so fortunate that the girls haven’t had any stomach issues yet.

The girls love to sing-be it in the car, in the stroller on our walks, at the dinner table or when they are in their rooms napping or about to wake up in the morning.  Most times the songs are reminiscent of “Twinkle twinkle”, “ABC song”, or “Old MacDonald”.  It’s funny when they sing in almost unison.

More new words since last month:

Night night





Yes/Yeah (nice to finally hearing it mixed in with all of the “Nos”, when the Meghan Trainor “No” song comes on the radio, I always tell Zoe, “it’s your song” since “no” is her favorite word)



Vroom (car noise)



I love you-sort of, if we prompt it:)

I’m sure I’m forgetting some, I need to write them down as soon as I hear them.

Poor Zoe has taken a few spills recently, she slipped on a play picnic tablecloth on our hardwood fall and literally had her feet come out from underneath her and then at a friends house for dinner she fell off a stool and bonked her head.  Both times she hit the back of her head and cried hard, but luckily came away from both incidences unharmed.  It literally makes my heart jump into my throat to see either of the girls get hurt.  But, it is amazing to see the empathy they are already developing.  Both times that Zoe got hurt, Jemma was right there bringing her a stuffed animal.  One of the times she even gave her lovey-her beloved Zebra.  They also will hug each other and show general concern.  It is the sweetest thing ever!  I hope we won’t have to wrap Zoe in bubble wrap anytime soon.

Jemma is still continuing to use the potty-both the little floor potty and the big potty with the baby seat on top somewhat regularly.  She will even grab toilet paper and will “wipe”.  Zoe still is not showing much interest in the potty.

Our routine is very much the same as it’s been, bedtime has just recently gotten a little easier.  We brush teeth after dinner, if it’s a bath night, we do baths, read stories, say prayers and now we say “okay, time to get into your beds”.  They will walk to their beds and we put them in.  The bedtime routine no longer requires rocking or carrying, which makes it far easier for one person.

We recently took the girls to the zoo and met up with our twin group, the girls could finally appreciate some of the animals and had fun walking around rather than being in their strollers the whole time.

We recently changed their car seats to forward-facing, it was a little earlier than we were anticipating, but Zoe was getting car sick pretty frequently and it was getting difficult to deal with.  She was so upset in the car and would vomit all over.  As much as I wanted to wait until they were at least two years old, they are so much happier riding forward and Zoe doesn’t feel so miserable in the car.


Happy Easter-dresses and Easter baskets


Out for a walk on a chilly night, love the hand holding!




Giggles between sisters-Be still my heart!!!!


Having fun in a box!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen these pictures.  If you’re not following me and would like to, here is my Instagram link.

We are looking forward to more of this weather!  Hope you have sunshine where you are also!





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