Hello world!

I’ve been dreaming of starting a blog for quite some time now, my bestie at yumsandloves has been blogging about food, life, cooking, traveling-all which I enjoy along with her and she has been encouraging me to start my blog.

I do love everything food (I’m the girl at the restaurant with her iPhone out, posting to Facebook my latest dinner choice or scrolling Food Gawker all day long) and originally wanted to do a food blog (even though there are a zillion out there).  I enjoy reading about new recipes, ogling the photos of food and seeing people’s creativity when it comes to cooking.  When hubby and I travel, 90% of our vacation time is planned around what, when and where will we be eating our next meal.  We travel to Hawaii often and it’s usually fresh fish that speaks out to us.  His favorite being the seared Ahi tuna at Don the Beachcomber in Kona.

However, it doesn’t feel right to only talk about food, travel, cooking, friends, etc. when there is something that has been a huge part of our lives right now.  Hubby and I have been trying to conceive (TTC) for over a year and a half and it is part of our daily lives.  We have wanted a child for so long and it has yet to happen that the vision seems to get harder to see.  We were married in September of 2009 and wanted to wait one year before we started trying for a baby.  In hindsight, I wish I would have gone off birth control when we first started dating because now I realize I don’t even need to be on it.   Like the saying goes…..hindsight is 20/20.

Here is a condensed timeline of our journey thus far, some of it seems a blur, so I’m sure there are a few details I’m overlooking:

-May 2010-go off birth control, still using back-up method

-August 2010-stop using back-up method (leaving for Europe in Sept. 2010 and am slightly nervous that I’ll be pregnant and not feeling well for the trip)

-October 2010-Start using OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) to time intercourse

-November 2010-Actually timing intercourse right with my ovulation (read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility-it’s everything they didn’t teach you in middle school)

-December 2010-Start seeing an acupuncturist weekly-she has me taking Chinese herbs as well as seeing her for acupuncture (I love acupuncture-to me, it is relaxing, once the pins are placed, it’s 30 minutes of meditation and quiet)

-February 2011-Start seeing a Naturopath on a referral from my acupuncturist.  ND starts me on vitamins and Vitex, later diagnoses me with a hypothyroid, start taking Armor thyroid medication, thinks I might be underweight (exercising too much)-my cycles get more irregular than they have already been

-May 2011-HSG (hysterosalpingogram)-right fallopian tube clears immediately, left side has a delayed clearing.  Hubby has a SA (semen analysis) and results are great, he has great swimmers!

-May-September 2011-Continue to see my ND, finally she calls and says she is stumped.  Thought my case would be easy, but is literally dumbfounded on what is causing my infertility

-September-October 2011-Go back to my OB-GYN, starts me on 50 mg Clomid (still don’t ovulate), Oct-up to 100 mg Clomid with IUI (interuterine insemination)–>BFN (big fat negative)

-December 2011-Finally go to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist at Seattle Reproductive Medicine (SRM).  Doctor does some labs (my ovarian reserve isn’t good for a female at age 32) and recommends 3 rounds of letrozole (brand name-Femara) with IUI.  I ovulate earlier with letrozole and we do 2 IUIs (I’m very hopeful)–>BFNs both times.  During this time I discover I have endometrioma cysts in both ovaries.  Not sure if I actually have endometriosis (never have had the classic symptoms).  They seem to be growing with each cycle of meds that we do.  I’m getting scared….

-Present March 2011-Taking time off from all of the fertility treatments.  Trying to be nice to myself-drinking wine, not taking my temperature every morning, trying to be spontaneous with hubby and going on some already planned vacations (Hubby thinks it is important to make some time for US-why I married this man).

-Will be meeting again with my RE next week to lay out our finals plans for our upcoming IVF.

So….here we go.  We have our last hurrah vacation planned for May to Hawaii.  Hubby has a conference there and then we will be spending time with some dear friends.  Then to NYC for a friend’s wedding.  Hoping to feel refreshed and excited to start our IVF this summer.  Stay tuned……..


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