Pie, The IVF Update and Date Night Friday


Last night I met up with my girlfriend for dinner and to go with her to her final dress fitting for her upcoming May wedding.  We went to Ocho in Ballard and had an array of delicious tapas.  I’m sorry, I’m a total loser and didn’t take photos of our food.  But here is a picture of the chalkboard that you order from-kind of makes you go cross-eyed if you stare too long.

And here is a brief list of what we savored:

  • Tortilla Espanola-egg, potato, onion, brava sauce, artichoke aioli (so yummy, but a little on the greasy side)
  • Setas de Jerez-sherried mushrooms, olive oil toast, arugula (a little on the sweet side and the arugula gave it a clean finish)
  • Brocoli-escarole, garlic, pinenuts (I love broccoli sautéed with garlic, I could have eaten only a plate of this and still been happy)
  • La Carolina-pancetta wrapped bleu cheese stuffed dates with balsamic reduction (almost dessert like)
  • And we finished with a Mexican chocolate/cayenne homemade ice cream (it was the perfect balance of salty and sweet)

Being the girls that we are, the ice cream at Ocho just didn’t satisfy our sweet tooth, so we trekked up the hill to Phinney Ridge to A La Mode Pies.

We went inside and oogled all of the pies in the case-it was a tough decision seeing all of the deliciousness going on….

If you look closely, there was only one piece of the Lemon Macaroon, so we decided it was the way to go.  Here is A La Mode’s description of the Lemon Macaroon.

“A la Mode’s homage to the classic French cookie starts with a shortbread crust and a rich lemon, coconut and almond-infused cheesecake batter, topped with lemon curd and toasted coconut. This sweet and tart dessert is the perfect palate pleaser. ”

It definitely pleased our palates AND our stomachs, now that our sweet teeth had been satisfied, we headed to her dress fitting.  She tried on the dress and looked absolutely gorgeous, she will be a beautiful bride!!!


Today we went back to SRM to meet with our RE.  At my last meeting she told me my endometriomas were a problem and that IVF is going to be what is needed to help us to conceive.  The last couple of months we’ve taken a break from things (my waking up at the crack of dawn to take my temperature, my hubby being annoyed with the beeping at dawn of my thermometer, and feeling like I can’t drink wine, go for a run, or spontaneous rather than timed moments).  Today we were getting the go ahead to start the IVF process as soon as we are done traveling for the year this coming June.  We knew the first step will be to do my Day 2/3/or 4 Labs (FSH, Estradiol, Prolactin), but were unsure when I would start birth control (birth control is recommended to quiet one’s system and so that the fertility team can control the stimulation of follicles).  Hubby and I were thinking we’d start in mid-May, hoping that by a miracle we still might conceive naturally.  Today our RE said that it depends on what is going on with my endometrioma cysts and whether one vs. two months of birth control would be preferable (1 month makes it easier to stimulate the ovaries for egg retrieval but 2 months gives my cysts a chance to be unaffected by hormone changes and hopefully stabilize).  Hubby was leaning toward 1 month, but RE recommended that we do an ultrasound today and see what’s going on.

Ultrasound showed that my endometrioma in my left ovary shrank slightly-from approximately 55 mm to 51 mm.  Okay-good news.  But……looks like the number of follicles for that ovary have gone down since my last count……not good news.  She moves over to the right ovary and sees that I have a new cyst on that side, so basically a cyst next to my existing cyst that is filled with new blood and tissue (sorry for the weak stomachs out there) and is most likely from my ovulation this month…..again, not good news.  She says birth control for 2 months is her recommendation to try to help the cysts quiet down before we start stimulation medications.

I feel deflated, worried, anxious-my usual set of emotions whenever we get less than ideal news.  Hubby is optimistic and hopeful-thank goodness one of us is.  But, really…..I know that I need to keep an optimistic mindset and still enjoy our upcoming vacations and know that we are doing everything that we can to bring a baby into the world.

Just waiting for AF to appear, then off to do bloodwork and start birth control.  Birth control seems so ironic when you are trying your darndest to get pregnant!

Date Night Friday

Hubby and I try to get out on a date night at least once a week, we both have very busy schedules and eat out a lot for work and with friends, but we like to get out just the two of us weekly.

We lucked out here in Seattle on Friday and had beautiful weather.  So, for this date night we were able to walk to our dinner destination.  But, first we had a glass of Vinho Verde wine at home.  I am a lightweight, so hubby gets a fuller glass than I do.

After having our glass of wine we walked up the street to Kasbah Moroccan restaurant.  When you enter, it feels like you’ve escaped to Morocco.  I’ve never been, but what I would imagine it would feel like.

We started our dinner with the Lamb Bastilla-a rice and lamb filled phyllo pastry.

For our entrees we had the Chicken and Vegetable Brochettes with Saffron Rice and the Vegetarian Couscous.

Since we had our meeting with our RE earlier in the day, we had that on our minds and were able to talk about things.  Both hubby and I would be thrilled beyond belief to have healthy twins, but we would be so blessed to have a single healthy child from this whole IVF process.

The evening ended with me coercing hubby into watching Twilight-Breaking Dawn Part I.  He didn’t even complain….at least not out loud.


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