Be Your Own Health Advocate

Yesterday I had my follow-up ultrasound and blood draw after my IVF was postponed last month. I was in a bit of a daze the day I left the office after my suppression check to find out I only had 4 follicles, and didn’t really question why my next appointment was scheduled when it was. I just knew that my doctor wanted me to return in 3 weeks.

I arrived at SRM and immediately had my blood drawn. I asked “what are you drawing for today?”, the medical assistant told me “E2 (estradiol) and Progesterone”. Ok, fair enough.

I was taken into the exam room and had a new sonographer this time. She called out a bunch of measurements for my still present cysts and I could detect that there was a new “simple” cyst. After we wrapped up the ultrasound she told me I would meet with the nurse.

While waiting for the nurse, the sonographer came back and asked “You are on cycle day 2, correct?” I replied, “No, cycle day 23”. She looked confused and said that they would likely have me back tomorrow. Cycle day 24, it didn’t make sense. I told her I had a question for the nurse about the Lupron and she said she’d go get her.

It was actually my doctor/RE who came out to answer my question and said that they thought I was on cycle day 2 and that we would need to get the results back before we could figure out the plan. I asked if I needed to come back tomorrow and she said no. Then she says “You are on the luteal Lupron protocol, right?”. I didn’t know if this was a question or a statement, afterall, she is the doctor and I am the patient. I said “I guess.” Then she told me I would take Lupron for the upcoming IVF (when it happens) and was unclear for the SECOND time that I had already started Lupron before my last suppression check.

So…..if you are reading this and you are confused, I’m right there with you.

The nurse did call yesterday afternoon and told me to reschedule another ultrasound and blood draw for July 23rd, 10 days from yesterdays appointment. I asked, “If I start my next cycle before then, should I call in and make sure I’m coming in on the right day?” and she replied “Yes, that would probably be best.” Makes you wonder if they actually know what the plan is.

So, my advice to you and for myself is “Be your own health advocate!” Don’t assume that you are like everyone else, because you’re not, and you need to look out for your own health and well-being. You are unique! I hope and pray that we can move forward soon, I know the team at SRM is very experienced in the IVF realm, but please READ MY CHART and make me feel confident in your hands.


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