Good Thing I Don’t Do Heroin

I just need to rant…..

I had blood draws both yesterday and today and I hate my veins and don’t appreciate phlebotomists/medical assistants who aren’t super skilled at their jobs. (Ok, maybe I’m being a little harsh here, but my arms hurt like crazy right now!)
Yesterday I had my annual physical and my doctor had me do a metabolic panel, lipid panel and check my thyroid level. Today I went to our fertility clinic to have my progesterone rechecked to see if I’ve ovulated. This will determine when we can move ahead with IVF #2.
Yesterday I had to get stuck three times (2nd phlebotomist finally got a vein on my right arm, but had to use a syringe to literally pull the blood from my vein). Today I got stuck four times!!!! And it was painful, the medical assistant kept digging and digging saying my “veins are tricky”. She finally got a vein in my hand after aggressively flicking it with her finger, ouch, that hurt also!

I actually got all of my blood work results from yesterdays physical late last night and was a little surprised at my numbers.

Thyroid stimulating hormone: 1.470 (same as April 2012, but up from 2011 and 2010)
Fasting glucose: 89 (pretty high considering I was fasting)
Total cholesterol: 200 (I was shocked, in 2009 my value was 149)
HDL: 89 (good that it’s high, was 78 in 2009)
Triglycerides: 63 (was 82 in 2009, so glad it’s gone down)
LDL: 99 (eeek! this is up from 55 in 2009)

The results made me feel like I’m not nearly as healthy as I was three years ago. Is it just age? Is it hereditary (high cholesterol runs on my maternal side)? Is it the fact that Hubby and I eat out at least 3-4 times per week? Is it all of the baking I’ve been doing? Using real butter!!! Or maybe it’s the Americanos I’ve been drinking with steamed breve (aka steamed half and half, often times the top 1/4 of the cup at Starbucks!)

After my last post I went back and did a little reading in both of my infertility books, Making Babies and The Infertility Cure and have decided to give the whole gluten-free and dairy-free thing a fair try. IVF #2 is coming up soon and I want to try to decrease any inflammation and issues with my endometriomas as much as possible to help make this time around successful. I’m not thrilled about giving up both gluten and dairy (both are daily staples in my diet), but I figure it’s a small sacrifice to make to have my body be a better environment for the IVF. Also, seeing my cholesterol increase over 50 points in just three years is making me take a closer look at my overall diet. I have a terrible sweet tooth and both my glucose level and cholesterol are taking a toll. Therefore, decreasing my sugar intake is also on the agenda.

Don’t worry friends, this isn’t a lifelong change, just a temporary one. As hard and daunting as this change seems, the thought of not getting pregnant is much worse. I’m not saying that this will guarantee pregnancy, but if it helps, I’m willing to make the sacrifices.

What are you doing dietary/lifestyle wise to help with infertility??? Any suggestions for going gluten-fee and/or dairy-free?!


7 thoughts on “Good Thing I Don’t Do Heroin

  1. If your inflammation is of concern… come read the “immunology/research” page on my blog… it’s hella long (I copied it!) but it has some excellent dietary and supplement advice for reducing inflam. Also, there’s some good stuff in there and the “Misc Research” page for improving egg quality for IVF…. 🙂

  2. they can never find my veins! i get bruises afterwards or poked like a pin cushion!! i have a hard time just reducing my gluten intake, so i know it’s hard! good luck! sorry i’m not much help!

  3. i’ve been going back and forth at the idea of doing something to my diet to help in my next FET and IVF, but it seems daunting and I don’t knoww what my daily intake of food would look like or if i could handle it. I’m interested in seeing how your gluten free/dairy free diet goes!!

    • It is a bit daunting. It’s been going okay so far, I’d say for me the gluten-free is easier than the dairy-free. As I use to eat yogurt daily and enjoy lattes, etc. One good thing-it helps me pass on desserts! 🙂

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