Here We Go Again……..

I completely have White Snake’s “Here I go again on my own” in my head now.  Today I’m openly declaring my new mindset (I’ve had it since a couple of weeks after IVF #1 came back with a BFN).  My new mindset is to not expect or hope for anything.  I know that sounds negative and might not be the best outlook to have, but it’s the outlook I need so that I am not set up for the heartache I experienced with our first round of IVF.  The day after my last post, AF arrived and I emailed my nurse to let her know.  She told me to go ahead and schedule another ultrasound for Thursday and that we would go from there and to keep up with the 10 units of Lupron.  Later yesterday afternoon she called back and said that my RE wanted to perform my ultrasound herself (which I was happy about) and that they would have me in this morning and would determine if we could proceed with IVF #2 given that I only had 7 follicles on Monday.

With my new mindset I went into the clinic completely prepared to hear that this round would be cancelled and we would be back to the protocol we used for IVF #1, but surprisingly I had 10 follicles today.  Still not a great number and significantly less than the 16 follicles we started with for IVF #1, but still it was good news that we could proceed.  My RE hopes that the long Lupron protocol will give us higher quality eggs and therefore, embryos.  Hey….I’ll take the “quality over quantity” approach this time.  Instead of focusing on “we only have 10 follicles to start”, I’m thinking “at least we get to start!”

I will continue the Lupron tonight but will drop from 10 units to 5 units and will add 375 units of Follistim and 75 units of Menopur.  Last time we did 300 units of Follistim, so my RE is raising my dose up.

Here’s the tentative schedule (and I’m keeping in mind that it still may get cancelled if we don’t get good follicle developement):

Day 3-Blood work

Day 5-Blood work and ultrasound

Day 8-Blood work and ultrasound

Possible retrieval October 5th-October 8th

Possible transfer October 10th-October 12th

I’ll let you know how things progress and I’ll keep you posted on my new mindset.  So far it feels liberating to not expect anything.  (Of course in the back of my mind I’m thinking “Please, please, please let this time work!)  But, I’m going to ignore that little voice in my head and take each day as it comes.


7 thoughts on “Here We Go Again……..

  1. I’m wishing you the best for the ER! Are you doing any other supplementation for egg quality? And I’m kind of new to your blog so I need to catch up on ivf#1, did you make blasts? I’m keeping you in my prayers 🙂

    • Thank you! Just doing my normal supplements, any suggestions for egg quality? Yes, we had 2 great blasts for transfer last time, but unfortunately we didn’t get pregnant. Thank you for your prayers. How is your treatment going in NYC?

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