Embryo Transfer #2

Our 2 beautiful embryos!

I’m over the moon right now.  Yes, our embryo transfer yesterday went smoothly and we are very happy that it did, but right now I’m beyond happy that we have 3 frozen embryos!  The clinic just called to say the 2 embryos that were still growing yesterday have made it for cryopreservation (one went into cryopreservation yesterday).  With our first round of IVF we had zero embryos that made it for freezing, so this is a huge improvement.

I’m hoping that we don’t need to use these embryos just yet because I really hope that the two embryos we transferred yesterday will stick, but it’s nice to know we have some in the “bank”.

The first embryo transfer I went through I followed the directions exactly and was miserable during the transfer because my bladder was about to burst and I was beyond uncomfortable.  I have the world’s smallest bladder, hence the nickname “potty princess” by my BFF.  So, this time, I didn’t follow the instructions exactly and actually used the restroom after we got to the clinic and my bladder was still plenty full for the transfer and I was able to relax for the 15 minutes afterwards and not think about my bladder the whole time.  And this time, Hubby was able to go with me and see the amazing process!
The RE who did my transfer this time made a great analogy that gave me some peace of mind.  He said “the embryos are like 2 grains of salt that we are placing into a peanut butter sandwich, you don’t need to worry about them falling out”.
I’ve reached the point in the IVF process where I went into a tailspin last time-overanalyzing every symptom I felt or didn’t feel and reading endlessly on the internet and freaking myself out.  But, as I’ve said before I’m trying to take a modified, less-crazy approach this time and hoping I can enjoy this time around and not worry so much.  If it happens, these are the babies we are meant to have and if it doesn’t, than they aren’t the babies we are meant to have…..simple as that, I hope!

20 thoughts on “Embryo Transfer #2

  1. Your embryos look perfect!!! I have heard the peanut butter analogy too, and it also gave me peace of mind. Sticky baby dust to you!!!!

  2. Yeay! Your embies are very cute, good luck and btw: awesome news on having 3 in the bank, that makes it a lot easier to enjoy the process without over analyzing.

  3. I can appreciate a good food analogy. I am so happy with this news, definitely different than last time. Having them in the bank just seems to give you a little reassurance, just in case. Glad that Z was there with you this time, probably so cool for him to see

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