Well, hello there…..

Sorry I’ve been MIA.  Thanksgiving, a sick husband, Christmas shopping (although the tree isn’t up yet), work, life, etc……

Hope you all had a wonderful Turkey day.  We had a nice one with my in-laws, a small group of only 6 this year.  We alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas between my family and Hubby’s family.  This year we’ll be with my family for Christmas.  Many people in Hubby’s family are vegetarians, so I was a little worried about having turkey and the traditional foods, but it all worked out and we had a delicious meal.  I contributed a green bean dish from Jessica’s beautiful blog.  And also a pumpkin pie, which was disastrous in the making, but turned out tasty in the end.  I was going to photograph and document my first ever pie crust, but glad I didn’t, you would have discredited me for my “food” blog.  I did my first “blind” bake of crust and it was a slumping mess and required some intervention.

The day after Thanksgiving, Hubby and I hosted an Apple Cup party.  Apple Cup is the annual football game between state rival schools University of Washington (Go Dawgs!) and Washington State University.  We had a fun day filled with friends and food, but the outcome of the game was sad.  The Huskies “Coug’d” it!  Eeek!

I’m currently in a holding pattern with the fertility treatments.  We had to cancel the FET that we were hoping to do right after IVF #2 failed, but my follicles and lining weren’t progressing, so we called it off.  I waited around for AF to show up and she showed her lovely face on Thanksgiving.  I guess I was thankful that AF arrived and that I could begin a medicated FET.  I have been in touch with my nurse at our clinic and she has been working to coordinate with the lab to do our FET.  I was surprised how difficult it was to schedule.  You are much more at the mercy of the lab for a FET than a fresh transfer, at least at our clinic.  Originally they didn’t have my transfer scheduled until January 21st, but we would be out of the state, so I asked what could be done.  My nurse is a miracle worker and just told me that she is working to get us a transfer on January 8th before we leave for vacation.  Right now I’m on birth control and will start medications when directed.  I had been feeling pretty indifferent until I actually sat and thought about it and then I felt scared, overwhelmed by the fear of the FET not working.  I don’t want to feel like I did after IVF #2 failed.  That was a dark place and one I hadn’t been to before.  But, on the flip side, I’m trying to remind myself that this will be an entirely different scenario-no stimulation, no egg retrieval surgery, no waiting to see how the embryos develop.  Hopeful……that is my mantra…..right??!

I’m planning on getting back to the kitchen and promise to post something yummy soon.  Pictures of food are much more exciting than a bunch of words!

Also, I would like to thank Bree at Thought Provoking Moments for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I promise to post more about that soon.  xoxo


10 thoughts on “Well, hello there…..

  1. Pumpkin pie from scratch? Yum!

    “You are much more at the mercy of the lab for a FET than a fresh transfer.” This is the case with my clinic too. When we met with my doctor in June, he asked when we thought we wanted to do a transfer so that he could get us on the calendar since the FET calendar was full through August. I had never heard of such a thing. I have no idea why this is – and it seems strange to me.

    January 8th is around the corner! I’m hopeful for you and will be thinking of you. I think it’s great that you’ll be out of the state later in the month while waiting for results. Good move!

    • Thanks Courtney, glad to hear it was the same scenario at your clinic as well for the FET. Yes, I’m hoping that by being on vacation, I won’t go as crazy! We’ll see…..

      On Nov 28, 2012, at 12:27 PM, hopefulandhungry

  2. Oh wow, that nurse is a miracle worker- congrats on getting that January 8th transfer date. You guys have soldiered on quite a bit so that’s a nice little after the holidays present to look forward to!

    FYI- I made the recipe you recommended to rave reviews! I also made a vegan/gluten free chile chocolate cake that was quite good but your beef recipe hit the spot and was so popular— thank you for that!

    • Thank you, I hope that it works out that our transfer happens on the 8th.

      Glad to hear that the cocoa beef recipe was a hit, I’ll have to try it myself. The cake you made sounds delicious as well. There is a restaurant here in Seattle that has a chocolate cayenne cake called the El Diablo and it’s to die for.

      Happiest of Holidays to you!

  3. Hang in there, January will be here before you know it. The fact that the nurse is so eager to assist you and accommodate you, says quite a bit about her and the reputation of the clinic. Keep that hope! I have faith that that light at the end of the tunnel will turn itself on really soon. 😉 *hugs!*

  4. Thanks for writing these updates, N. I like following along, such an intense process. Trying a different method sounds encouraging.

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