California Dreamin’


I’m one lucky girl this weekend, Hubby has a conference down here in Santa Barbara and I got to tag along and stay at the gorgeous Biltmore hotel. Hubby flew down on Wednesday, but being the responsible business owner that I am now, I only took a half day off of work and flew down on Thursday. I had been checking the weather all week leading up to our trip and was ready for sunshine and mid-70s temperatures. But, as you can see from the photo we brought the Seattle weather with us. It’s been overcast and only about 60 degrees, but I’m not complaining, it’s still absolutely gorgeous down here.


Above is our adorable cottage that we are staying in for the long weekend, I could easily spend a month here.

Since purchasing my dental practice in early February, both of us have been crazy busy and haven’t had much down time. Granted, Hubby is in conferences all day, but it’s been nice to get away from home and take a little breather. We are finally getting some systems in place at the office, so hopefully the overly stressful days are numbered. And that is why you haven’t seen much of me in the blogging world. I’ve still been reading your posts and I’m so happy for many of you who are now expecting. I have been doing some cooking, but really haven’t had any extra time to take photos or write posts. I’m hoping this will change soon.

I think I’ve finally turned a corner in my fertility journey. When having lunch with a girlfriend the other month, she told me she is expecting and I didn’t get the sinking, sick, envious feeling that I have in the past. I was truly happy for her without an underlying feeling of doom. I still want it so badly for Hubby and I, but this breather has allowed me to step back and not feel like it’s consuming my life. Hubby and I do have a consult with our doctor this coming Friday and we will hopefully get a game plan for early summer. I’m closing my office for a week in June, so we hope to do our third fresh IVF cycle and be able to time it correctly. Our RE hopefully will have presented our case to the other doctors in the clinic and will have some definitive answers. I do have one fear right now and that is the fact that my ovaries have really been achy lately. I have the endometriomas in both ovaries and I’m afraid that they are enlarging even more, I will ask my RE if she will do an ultrasound at our consult just to see what is going on. It makes me extremely nervous to do stimulation medications again. I know I should be following an enodometriosis-type diet, but I want to live life normally for now, enjoying my decaf coffee and glass of wine.

I hope the sun comes out for the remainder of our trip……..and I hope the sun will shine for what is yet to come.

I’ve missed you all…..xoxoxo.


12 thoughts on “California Dreamin’

  1. HELLO!!! I’ve been MIA as well! Very jealous of you right now!! Missing Cali a whole bunch lately! Glad to hear that you’re doing well!!! Hope you get some sun before you leave–sending you positive thoughts! 🙂 happy weekend!

  2. I have missed you! Sounds like things are really great right now, and that makes me happy!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! I’ll try to send sunny thoughts to CA… I’m not very effective though. Its cold and gloomy here!

  3. Hey there dear friend…
    So happy to hear you are back and enjoying the things life has to offer. Unlike me it’s been a while since I’ve had a vaca, and it sounds so nice when you share your trips. I’m so happy for you both!
    Love You,

  4. I feel like this is such a positive time for you! seems like it’s been a nice break (although you’ve been busy working hard) might as well enjoy everything….you have such a blessed life, why not live it to the fullest?!?

  5. Sounds like a great place to be in, Santa Barbara AND enjoying your busy life. I’ve never been to Santa Barbara but my Grandpa grew up there! Just a fun fact 😉

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