Green Light

Today was my suppression check for fresh IVF #3 (So far we’ve gone through IVF #1, IVF #2, FET #1). My endometrioma cysts are still present, don’t think they’ll be going anywhere without surgery. But, good news they measured smaller than they did after completing IVF #1 and #2 (I’m sure the stimulation meds make them enlarge as well as my follicles).

There are about 5 follicles present on my right side ovary and approximately 12 follicles present on my left side ovary. Pretty good numbers for my situation. The worst follicle count was still when only 4 total follicles were counted when we were suppose to do our very first IVF and I was over-suppressed with two months of birth control. This time I only took 12 days of birth control, I took my last pill last Thursday, had several days of spotting and am now on my second day of pretty heavy bleeding.

Starting tomorrow I will be taking:

375 IU of Follistim
75 IU of Menopur
25 IU of Omnitrope (growth hormone, new addition)
and will be decreasing my Lupron from 10 IU to 5 IU

This is again the Luteal Lupron protocol I did with IVF #2 but with the addition of the growth hormone.

I’ll head into my clinic again on Thursday for Day 3 bloodwork. The sun in shining and I’m trying to focus my energy on optimism and positivity.

On a side note, I finally watched the season finale of Nashville tonight (LOVE!) and now I can’t wait for the fall premiere. At least I’ll keep myself occupied with episodes of the Bachelorette, hoping the duds from last week seem less so as the season progresses.



13 thoughts on “Green Light

  1. Posting sounded very , Very Good!! Hawaii was in news today. < tradewinds smog. Humidity bad. At least we are having cool nites even with hot days. Love you- see you soon. Love mom

  2. I just got stabbed in the stomach with 75iu of Follistim and I’m not happy about it… you, my friend, are a ROCK STAR! Excited for you to get started… sooooooo hopeful!!!

  3. I’m excited to hear things are looking good for you! I am about to start my first cycle of IVF at the end I’d the month, but I a, worried because I’ve been on birth control pills since my last period in early May, so I will have taken them for two months before starting with a one week break I’m supposed to take next week. Plus I’ve been spotting daily for the past three weeks and the nurses say it’s not a big deal, just the birth control. I’m having to be on it longer than originally anticipated because they decided to do laparoscopy and then their lab is closed for ten days for annual cleaning. I just hope that two months on BC doesnt mess me up. I’d rather wait and do it later if doing it in July will cause me to be overly suppressed. I’m glad you mentioned it. I will talk to my doctor about it. Best wishes to you.

    • Thank you. Best of luck to you with your first IVF, please feel free to email me if you have any questions, I’ve been through it enough times by now. You will probably be just fine with being on the BC for 2 months, every person is different and my response is probably not the norm. I had spotting this past time while being on the birth control. Once we are taking all of these hormones it’s no surprise that our bodies get out of whack!

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