Magic Numbers

I last updated with my Day 5 results, since then I’ve gone in for Day 8 and Day 9 ultrasounds and blood draws and am going in again tomorrow for a Day 10 ultrasound and blood draw.

On Day 8 (Tuesday)my estradiol was up to 3458 which was a little too steep of an increase, I was instructed to drop my Follistim down to 200 IU, I had a number of growing follicles, but most were still on the smaller side. The ultrasound tech let me know that it would be fine to wait and come again on Thursday. The day got interesting when I arrived at work and realized that I have several patients scheduled early in the AM for Thursday and I won’t be able to get there until 8:45, then to top things off my nurse calls and says not only should I keep my Thursday appointment, but that I also need to come in on Wednesday. I’m quietly panicking and asking my front desk person to start rearranging things, I know she’s thinking that I must be crazy. After some thought, I know that I need to bring her into my inner circle. I ask for her discretion and let her know why I have all of these appointments and why they have to occur when they do. She is beyond understanding and we make the schedule work.

Today I went in again for another ultrasound and blood work (Day 9), I went to the satellite clinic and saw my favorite ultrasound tech. She counted and measured about 20 follicles on the left side all around 14 mm and about 12 follicles on the right side ranging from 14-17 mm. My estradiol level today was 3876, so my increase has steadied. I’ll go back to 275 IU of the Follistim tonight, keeping all other medications the same and will return again tomorrow for more of the same. They need to see more follicles around the 16-17 mm range before they’ll tell me when to do my HCG trigger shot. At this point it’s looking like trigger tomorrow or Friday with egg retrieval on Saturday or Sunday. I’m very happy with the number of follicles (the best I’ve had so far), but it’s all about them growing to the perfect sizes to get the green light.

There are beautiful moments on this infertility journey, today my front desk person gave me the biggest hug and made me feel so supported on this difficult road. She said some things to me that brought tears to my eyes and gripped my heart. “Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding.” We’ll see where the road takes us.

I’m praying for good numbers tomorrow, but remembering “quality over quantity”. Pants are getting tighter, but I’m just looking at it like the eggs need lots of room.



15 thoughts on “Magic Numbers

  1. Your front desk gal sounds so kind!

    I think it sounds like things are going well! That’s a lot of follicles! I’m hoping for good news tomorrow – I’m ready for you to trigger and get this show on the road 😉

  2. Oh my freaking gosh! What EXCELLENT numbers! I just did a little fist pump at my desk for you! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! But seriously, where are you fitting all of them? When I had FIVE follicles in the range I felt like there was a sack of potatoes in me… you’re amazing!

    I’m so excited! Keep me posted!

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