Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas…..

I just let out a huge breath of relief. The fertility clinic just called, I have been anxiously awaiting the results of my third beta for over 24 hours!!! The nurse said that our number looks great and that we can rest a little easier, our third beta results are 1803!!! First was 452, second was 691 (not quite double, making me into a ball of nerves) and third 1803. We will be able to schedule our first ultrasound at 7 weeks gestation, the week of Christmas!

Dear Santa-

I would like to see one (possibly two) healthy heartbeats for Christmas this year! I’ve been good! And so has Hubby!


In all seriousness, we are overjoyed that we have made it this far and hope and pray that everything continues very smoothly. I know my worrying won’t ever be over, it’s just my nature. But, today after receiving that call, I feel like I can breath easier, my racing heart has slowed, and I can finally say to myself “I’m pregnant!”

I’m still feeling relatively normal, sweets aren’t as appetizing to me as normal (I’m a huge sweet tooth), I get teeny waves of nausea and some very slight cramping, but overall, I feel pretty normal. My brain has been a little off, I literally put my hand on a stranger’s
a$$ thinking he was my husband yestereday. I was mortified, but my staff from my office said I probably made that guy’s day?!!!

Tomorrow will be the Christmas music program at our church, I’m excited to hear all of the Christmas songs and thank God for our many blessings!!!!



36 thoughts on “Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas…..

  1. Ahhhhh! Yes! Best news EVER! What a fantastic number!!!! Oh man, I was so nervous today when I didn’t see a post! HUGE sigh of relief! Congratulations, my friend! You’re PREGNANT!!!

  2. I am so thrilled for you… beyond thrilled, really! I just cannot believe what a special Christmas this is going to be for you! A stress-free holiday, full of anticipation, joy, and HAPPY TEARS!

  3. I am so overjoyed for the two of you!!!
    Regarding your sweet tooth…Don’t worry, it will come back.πŸ˜‰ Mine certainly has.

  4. EEK!! Congrats! Seeing that positive pregnancy test and seeing a rising beta is such an indescribable feeling. Sending lots of hopes and prayers that this is it for you guys!

  5. O.m.g…. You’re in my prayers! What a fantastic Christmas present for such a deserving couple…. πŸ™‚

    Btw, I craved salt my entire pregnancy. I was so into bacon, if I even smelt it I had to have it… Lol many hugs!!!!!!!

  6. I am beyond excited for the two of you! You have shown us to never lose hope and never give up on what you want. This is going to be a wonderful Christmas! Xoxoxoxo

  7. I’m so unbelievably happy for you!! I was so nervous when I pulled your blog up, but so glad I did! I will continue to pray for healthy strong heartbeat(s) for you!!! Congrats girl!!!

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