Paying It Forward

Dear Infertiles:

I feel so lucky to finally be pregnant and happy (although a little cautiously still) in my second trimester. And I hope that many of you will be in the same boat very soon.

You are my people! You are my community and you have been my support and inspiration along this journey.

I know that the infertility journey is emotionally draining, physically exhausting and a huge financial burden.

The very least I can do to help my fellow infertiles is to give away what is left of my medications. And some of these medications were graciously given to me as well.

I have 11 boxes of Vivelle estrogen patches, these are 0.1 mg patches and there are 8 patches/box. These don’t expire until June 2014.


I also have a 21 day supply of Endometrin vaginal inserts, each insert is 100 mg of progesterone. This supply expires in April 2014.


I also have tons of Sure Comfort insulin syringes, often used for Lupron, etc.

I would like to get these in the mail to anyone who will need them soon, I want to be sure someone can benefit from them before they expire.

Please send me an email if you could use some or all of these meds and I will get them in the mail ASAP.



5 thoughts on “Paying It Forward

  1. If there is no one on the blog that can use these meds before the expiration dates, you can always donate them back to your fertility clinic. My clinic was so helpful to me at times when all I needed was one more of this or that, I took them all my leftovers in hopes of helping anyone else! Good luck!

  2. Very nice gesture indeed! I second the clinic donation. Or…you can always seek out your local IF support group and donate that way. I’m sure there’s someone there who’s going through the process. 😉 Sending hugs!

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