Wow, 23 weeks already!

It’s mid-April, I seriously cannot believe it, 2014 is going by so quickly!!! July (when the babies will most likely be making their appearance) is coming up very fast, I feel like we have so much to do before they arrive!

My belly is growing at an accelerated rate these days, for the most part I’m feeling pretty good. My back is my main problem, especially when I drive or ride in the car, I get a shooting pain in my mid-back, that feels like a knot that needs to be rubbed out. If I can shift around or lay down (which I can’t do if I’m driving) then I can usually make the pain go away. I started prenatal massage earlier this month and am planning on continuing with it for the remainder of my pregnancy.

This upcoming Wednesday is the last of our Multiples Class, it is a 5 class series, each class being 3 hours long. It’s been very informative and it’s been nice to meet other couples who are also expecting twins. Before we took the class I was sure that I wanted to have a scheduled C-section, but after doing a little more research, I am planning on trying for a vaginal birth as long as the girls are in the right position and there doesn’t seem to be any issue in doing so. There are a lot of benefits of going through labor and having a vaginal birth that I would like to go for it if I can. I would still like to have an epidural in case we have to have a breach extraction, but hoping a vaginal birth may lead to a faster recovery since I’m only able to take about 6 weeks off from work.

I had an OB appointment earlier this week, my doctor said that they could see a slight calcification in Baby A’s heart at our 20 week ultrasound but that it is benign and nothing to worry about. I guess 40% of Asian babies have it and it usually goes away. However, I guess IVF babies are at higher risk for heart defects, so at the end of the month we will go back to the ultrasound clinic for a fetal echo. Praying that the hearts look perfect.

Yesterday, two of my very close friends from dental school threw a baby shower for me. It was a gathering of almost all dental friends and it was a beautiful sunny evening. We had delicious food (homemade lasagna!) and everyone “showered” us with very thoughtful and generous gifts. These little girls are so lucky and are already getting spoiled. We received some really useful gifts-one of our car seats, my twin Brest Friend, a diaper bag (super stylish, looks like a purse!), a noise maker and lots of Wubbanubs to name a few!

Belly Bump 21 weeks


Belly Bump End of 22 weeks (on my way to the shower)


Adorable onesies!


The two beautiful and sweet shower hosts!


Delicious cake!


I’m so lucky and thankful to have such wonderful friends in my life! I can’t wait for our little girls to meet all of you!



11 thoughts on “Wow, 23 weeks already!

  1. You look fantastic, and so good to hear that all is well with the girls!

    My friend Em is pregnant with twins right now – maybe she’ll have some insight/ideas/tips for you regarding twin vaginal delivery? My neighbor delivered her twin girls at 40w in a vaginal water birth 2 years ago and said it was amazing! I hope the same for you. Recovery from a vaginal birth is truly so much easier, and if you only get 6w off, you’ll want to feel as good as possible every minute that you have at home with them. Good luck!

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