Almost 36 weeks and a little concern

OMG, we are having a heat wave here in Seattle and my pregnant, swollen, large self is not enjoying it!!! I usually love the heat and sun, but not right now.

I finished seeing patients at work this past week (and it was only a few patients as I really lightened up my schedule) and this coming week is full with only hygiene patients, so if I’m only there part time, everything will run okay.

I’m definitely taking it very easy right now, yesterday at my OB appointment, my blood pressure was 133/88 and my doctor ran the pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) blood panel on me. My platelets and liver function came back normal, but my creatinine was elevated, my level was 0.9 and she said normal value is around 0.6. She advised me to buy an at home arm blood pressure cuff and to monitor for readings above 140/90 and if I had a high reading to take it again in 15 minutes. My readings were somewhat high last night (which made for a restless night of sleep), although Hubby took his and we determined that the cuff was reading about 5 to 10 points high. This AM I continued to have values that were concerning, so I went in this AM for another non-stress test and had my BP checked again, at the office it was 120/84 so much better than the readings I was getting at home. I will see the doctor next Monday, moved up a few days from my original next appointment.

My OB is also moving my scheduled C-section from July 25th to July 21st (she thinks with my BP elevated that it would be nice to get me to 37 weeks and not push it to the end of the week). With the way I’m feeling, I’m not complaining, my body is not feeling at all like my own.

I literally feel like I’ve zipped on a Sumo wrestling suit, I can’t touch my feet barely, put on socks, pull on my pants or bend over to pick anything up. But, this temporary discomfort is all for the two miracles who are arriving very soon!

Bump at 35 weeks 4 days


Happy Friday!


12 thoughts on “Almost 36 weeks and a little concern

  1. I started having BP issues when I was pregnant and had to get the cuff to check it at home. Try checking it first thing in the morning, before you even get out of bed. My OB felt that was the best, most accurate time to test. Also, you’re having some babies in 10 days!!

  2. ugh….this heat! what did I tell you about being pregnant in summer?! ๐Ÿ™‚ I know you feel huge, but you look great..your arms are tiny! almost there now!

  3. You look amazing, and you’re getting so close! Just keep an eye on the BP, and try to take it easy. Hopefully, the heat will break, too, so you’ll be a bit more comfortable. So excited for you in these next couple of weeks!

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