Back to Work

Happy Labor Day! I hope all of you have the day off work and are relaxing. Even though summer doesn’t officially end until September 23rd this year, Labor Day always feels like the end of summer to me. Maybe it’s because I think back to the school days when school would start back up after the holiday weekend. Pencils sharpened, new school clothes in the closet, football games, anticipation of seeing all of your friends and seeing that school crush. This year Labor Day is bittersweet for me, tomorrow I return to work after a short seven-week maternity leave. I’m going to miss Jemma and Zoe so much after spending almost all day with them for seven weeks, but I am also looking forward to returning to work. I have an amazing team that makes each day great and I’m looking forward to seeing them and seeing all of my patients who I know are eager to hear all about the girls.

The girls are getting so big, we went to rent a second hospital-grade pump for me to take to work and were able to use the scale at the center to weigh the girls. Jemma is up to 9 pounds 9 ounces and Zoe is up to 9 pounds 1 ounce. Jemma is a very good eater and now has a half pound on her sister. Jemma also had a hip ultrasound at Children’s Hospital since she was breech and everything checked out completely normal. We were guessing her hips were okay because she kicks like crazy!

We also had our first PEMS (providing early multiples support) meeting, PEMS is modeled after PEPS (program for early parent support) and enjoyed meeting three other couples with twins. There will be another couple joining the group but they didn’t attend the first meeting, so will be a total of 5 couples. It will be 8 weeks of meetings rotating between homes covering topics such as arrival stories, sleeping, feeding, etc. The girls slept through the first meeting, but you can only imagine how some meetings will go with 10 infants all gathered in the same room!

Last night the four of us went out for sushi dinner, it was a success!

I’m going to miss seeing these little faces tomorrow. Hubby will definitely have to send me pictures at work this week. I’m glad it’ll be a short week for my first week back.


I’ll be posting soon, hoping everything goes smoothly tomorrow!



13 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. 7 weeks?!?!? I guess that’s the downside of owning your own practice, no one to cover for you. : ( I’m so sorry that you had to go back so soon.

    The girls are absolutely beautiful!

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