Ten Months

***Written Monday May 18th***

Hello from San Francisco!  Hubby has a conference down here and I luckily got to tag along.  Jemma and Zoe are with my in-laws, so we are enjoying a long weekend here.  We miss them like crazy, but know that my in-laws are taking wonderful care of them.  They have two cribs, two high chairs, two bouncers, and a million toys at their house that I know Jemma and Zoe feel right at home there.  We’ve been able to Skype with them and see how they are doing.  They both want to grab the screen and seem perplexed about us being “in the computer”.  

The girls are now in double digit months, and only two months away from being a year old.  I love how much they have grown and how interactive they are, but I have moments of sadness about how fast it’s going.  They are no longer babies and sometimes I wish time would slow down so that we could enjoy each stage a little longer.  

Since my last post the girls had their nine month pediatric visit.  


Weight:  20 pounds 5.5 ounces

Length:  29.5 inches

Head circumference: 46.2 cm


Weight: 17 pounds 3 ounces

Length: 27.5 inches

Head circumference: 44.0 cm

The size difference between them is getting wider.  Jemma is in the nineties for head circumference and length percentiles and 80th for her weight percentile.  Zoe is in the thirties range for all of her percentiles.  When people meet them they always seem a little confused that one of our twins is a little bigger than the other one.

We are continuing to love every minute with our daughters.  Zoe is actively crawling and moves very quickly.  She is always up on her knees and I’m sure is anxious to stand up.  I’m sure she’ll be walking before her first birthday.  She loves to blow raspberries and will often have spit bubbles running down her chin from doing so.  She still gives us huge infectious smiles and laughs whenever we play peek-a-boo.  Zoe was starting to get very fussy taking her bottles, so we are back to giving her her bottles in the twin-z-pillow.  Did anyone see the twin-z-pillow on Shark Tank?  It’s an amazing invention!  Zoe continues to have some issues with her BMs, the doctor told us that if we can handle it without Miralax that would be preferable.  We have been continuing to give her an ounce of pear juice with every bottle, have her on the Stage 1 formula, staying away from the starchy foods and offering her water in her sippy cup.  She has been going back and forth between “normal” and hard BMs, so this weekend we finally told my MIL that she could introduce goat milk to both girls.  She is giving them half formula/half goat milk bottles this weekend and she says it’s starting to help so far.  Zoe also has been having a little more trouble going down, she’ll be sound asleep but as soon as you set her down in her crib she wakes up and starts wailing to be picked back up.  As soon as she is in our arms she’s happy as a clam.  We have to do this a couple of times before she’ll finally be fast asleep.

Jemma wasn’t crawling at all when Zoe started crawling and she would usually watch Zoe move without much complaint.  When Jemma did transition from sitting up to being on her tummy she would get very frustrated that she couldn’t move.  She started off log-rolling around the living room and has now started with the army crawl.  She uses her upper body to pull herself and one leg to push herself and has been able to move around quite well.  She doesn’t seem as frustrated and if she is on the hardwood floor can actually move herself around more quickly.  Jemma loves to babble and says a lot of bababa, mamama, dadada and Hubby and I can’t help but get excited when she does the mama and dada even though she doesn’t connect us to those words yet.  Jemma is a good snuggler and still loves to be carried around before going down for the night.  I’ve been getting lots of steps with my Fitbit, pacing the halls with her.  Both girls love trying new foods now and if Jemma likes something she waves her hands and will sometimes scream if you don’t give her another bite.

Both girls love their baths!  We transitioned to a blow-up tub and can put the girls in the tub together.  They play with their bath toys, splash the water and laugh when the other one has the foam shampoo atop her head.  It’s so much fun to see them interact.

We will soon be planning their first birthday, I can’t believe it’s almost here.  Jemma and Zoe have and continue to bring us so much joy, happiness, wonder and love!


 My first official Mother’s Day!   

 The Top Pot Donut 5K, Jemma and Zoe’s first race!
Happy belated Mother’s Day to my Mom, my MIL and all of my fellow Mom’s out there.  Also, I know from past experience how hard of a day it is for those of you still longing to be a Mom, have faith and be hopeful, miracles do happen!   



6 thoughts on “Ten Months

  1. They are so cute!! 🙂 wow 10 months already!!
    My twin boys have a size difference too. They are almost 4 months old and difference in the weight and head size is getting bigger. I was a little bit concerned at first, but I guess they will grow at different speed since they are two different babies 😉
    Before you transitioned to the blow up tub, what did you use? My boys are getting too big for their infant bath tub… but they cannot sit up yet so we were looking for an idea…
    by the way, Happy belated Mother’s day 🙂

    • Since our twins aren’t identical, I’m not concerned about the size difference. They are just sisters born at the same time after all. 🙂 We had an infant tub with a sling attachment before transitioning to the blow-up tub. I could only bathe one at a time in the infant tub but it works when your baby can’t sit up yet! Happy Mother’s Day to you also!

  2. My kids (not twins) look SO much alike, but their growth patterns are incredibly different. My son started out at 9#5oz (as opposed to his big sis being 8#2oz), but by a year he was 3# lighter (21# / 24#) and 1.25# inches shorter (29.25″ / 30.5″). My point, you don’t seem worried about the girls’ size differences, and that’s awesome! I figure if I have one kid consistently in the 90s and one kid consistently in the 30s (percentile-wise), so be it. They’re healthy and happy and that’s what matters. 🙂

    I can’t believe they are 10 months already – it seems like yesterday you were telling us you were pregnant!

    • I’m not worried, they are individuals and aren’t identical twins, so I’m sure they will be different in size and appearance. Like you said, healthy and happy is all that matters! 🙂
      Time goes by so fast, so hard to believe they are almost a year! Happy Mother’s day to you!

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