Seventeen Months

Happy Holidays!  Are you all set for the Christmas holiday next week?  I still have some last minute things to get done-stocking stuffers, gift exchange gifts, figuring out appetizers to bring to my in-laws.  I cannot believe that it is Christmas next week!

The twins still are not fully aware of what Christmas is, but it’s definitely more fun than it was last year when they were only 5 months old.

We decorated the house and put the tree up (we still have a artificial tree for now) the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I was debating on putting the tree up after the girls went to bed but then decided to put it up while they were awake and started decorating it.  Oops, maybe not the best idea, the girls kept pulling the ornaments down and running away with them.  I wasn’t so worried about our plastic bulb ornaments, but the hooks were getting lost.  So we have a tree that is now decorated on the top half only.  The stockings are hung, most presents are wrapped and now we will wait to see what Santa brings (ssshh….a kitchen!).

Nothing has changed with our routine.  Girls are still taking a 2-3 hour nap each day and sleeping 11-12 hours at night.  We are giving one bottle right before bed but are tapering those down and hopefully will discontinue before the end of the year.  Zoe is already losing interest in her bedtime bottle.  We are hoping that eliminating the bedtime bottle won’t lead to mid-night waking.

The girls are continuing to be good eaters and still love meat.  The girls love satsumas which is great since they are so yummy this time of year!

Words are about the same as they were last month, but they learned to shake their heads “no” and are doing that quite often.  I think they sometimes do it even when they want to answer “yes” to a question, so we’re trying to teach them to nod up and down as well.  The “no” gestures have become quite entertaining.  The girls are also beginning to say “uh-oh” which is also very cute!  Both girls are getting to know their animals quite well and like to point to animals in many of their books.  Jemma still tends to be our dominant one and can be a little bossy and rough with Zoe.  We are trying to teach taking turns and being gentle, but it sometimes falls on deaf ears.

We weighed the girls last week and Jemma is 25.4 pounds and Zoe is 21.6 pounds.  The difference is getting a little wider.  I have to remind myself, although they are twins, they are fraternal, so they are just sisters born at the same time.  Sometimes it’s hard not to always compare.

For Christmas this year, we will be celebrating with both my parents and my in-laws.  I’m an only child so I like to include my parents with our family and my in-laws are wonderful and open their home for my parents to join in the Christmas celebration.  Hubby has three brothers and two of the three will be in town for the holidays.  We will spend Christmas Eve at my in-laws home, will have Christmas morning home with the girls and my parents and then will go back up to my in-laws on Christmas in the late morning for most of the day.  We drew names for Christmas for my husbands side of the family, so it made Christmas shopping much easier this year.


Our half decorated Christmas tree


Z playing with their felt Christmas tree


J playing with their felt Christmas tree


Christmas jammies!

FullSizeRender (3)

Christmas Photo 2015-Go Seahawks!

Happy Holidays to you!  May your holiday be blessed and wonderful.  May 2016 bring you joy, health and happiness!



3 thoughts on “Seventeen Months

  1. The half decorated tree is cute! Wow, the girls look so much older all of a sudden! Growing up so fast.

    I’m always curious… I know 2 girls named Zoe. One pronounces it Zō and the other Zō-ē. I like the name both ways but I was wondering which way you guys pronounce it?

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