Nineteen Months

A bit late getting the nineteen month post up.  Life has been a little crazy lately, I’m in the process of hiring at my office….again!  Been trying to fill a front office position at my office and this time around, I’m trying to take my time so that we find the right person who will be a part of the team for a long time!  I love my current team and we just need to round it out with one more perfect person.  Since I’m short a front office team member, I’ve been staying late to help my other front office person and putting in more hours than usual.  It makes it tough to be away from the girls all day long, but then to get home late only to see them for an hour or so before bedtime makes me have Mom-guilt even worse.  I am so thankful for both my Mom and Mother-in-Law who help take care of the girls, they make it easier for me to be away from home.  Also thankful for my awesome husband who is such a great, hands-on Dad!!

Not a whole lot has changed since last month.  Meals, naps, and bedtime routine are the same.  Naps have been a little up and down, Jemma will sometimes take a short 45 minute to 1 hour nap, but she isn’t too crabby, so it hasn’t been too rough.  The girls are walking a lot more now, they will even walk from the parking lot into church and outside as long as we hold hands.  They continue to understand everything we say to them and are starting to verbalize more.  They say “more”, “bye”, “hi”, “mama”, “dada” a lot more than they use to.

We are starting to think about potty training, my Mom seems to think they are ready.  We’ve had a potty in our main floor bathroom for quite a while now and they will sit on it almost everytime I go in and use the toilet.  We’ve tried sitting on the potty sans pants and diapers a couple of times.  Last week Jemma was pulling on her leggings so I put her on the potty, I went “peepee” next to her and then she continued to sit on the potty, when she finally got up she had peed in potty!  My Mom and I couldn’t believe it and we started to clap and cheer for Jemma, you could tell she was really proud of herself.  I think this time on the potty was a bit of an anomaly, but I think we are going to start discussing potty more often and get it in their minds.  Anyone have any recommendations on potty training?  I’ve heard age 3 is usually when kids are more ready and that it can make the process much quicker.

Jemma and Zoe are also starting to “sing” more often, they love “The Ants Go Marching” and we have to do laps on our main floor as we sing the song, they also “sing” along to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” with hand motions.  They also love “Ring Around the Rosey” and “London Bridge”.

We are very thankful to be on vacation again.  The girls did great on our flight and are absolutely loving the pool at our condo complex!  We also took them to the beach for the first time and they loved the sand!  We haven’t taken them into the ocean just yet.  I’ll post some vacation highlights soon!

 Smiling for me-rare getting two smiles at once!  
Holding hands on our walk, be still my heart!

  Checking out a new burger place in town-they couldn’t get enough!  
Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Playing with sticker books-they love them, but we end up throwing all of the stickers in the garbage!    
I’m trying to really relax this week (catch up on sleep!) and de-stress from all of the work stuff going on.  I love getting to spend a whole week with the girls, they continue to amaze me, my love for them grows stronger every day and I am so blessed to be a Mama!



5 thoughts on “Nineteen Months

  1. Can’t believe how fast they’ve grown! They’re beautiful and the picture with them holding hands is simply precious!

  2. I’m just starting to think about potty training with Gus (I’ve heard it’s easier to wait until closer to 3, especially with boys). The preschool he’s starting in the fall doesn’t require the 2-yr-old class be potty trained at all, so I still have another year before I HAVE to do it. A good friend recommended a book called Oh Crap! which I just got, I’ll let you know if it’s any good.

  3. They are gorgeous! I hope you’re able to fill the position soon, would be nice to have that sewn up 🙂

    Will you be using stickers alas rewards/motivation for potty training? I’ve seen so many people do that and it seems like a great idea. Especially since the girls like them. I helped potty train a lot of my younger cousins and I always found girls were more in touch with the sensation of bladder fullness than boys, I always wondered why that is…. In any case I hope it goes fast for ya!

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