Six Little Embryos

I am feeling very blessed these last few days.  I don’t want to get overconfident, but thankfully our IVF cycle has gone as planned so far.

This past Saturday morning Hubby and I went to the fertility clinic (SRM) for my egg retrieval surgery.  Going under general anesthesia always makes me a little nervous and to top things off-I was nervous about how many eggs my reproductive endocrinologist (RE) was going to be able to retrieve.  I put on my lovely hospital gown and cap, kissed Hubby and went to sleep for what felt like two seconds!  When I woke up, I was back in recovery and Hubby’s face was the first thing I saw.

My RE was able to retrieve 9 follicles, more than she anticipated, but did let us know that she had to go through the endometrioma on my right ovary to retrieve some of the follicles.

Hubby drove me home and was the best caretaker a girl could ask for.  He made sure I was comfortable, made sure I ate and ate what sounded good (more importantly).  We had a wonderfully lazy day filled with movies, pizza and Olympics.  It was a glorious sunny Seattle day and Seafair was happening down at Lake Washington, but I was perfectly content to sit in our cool basement and relax.  I didn’t even have to take the pain medication that was prescribed, which I was thankful for.

Sunday we got the call from SRM-all 9 of the eggs inseminated and of those 9, 6 of them had fertilized!  We took this as wonderful news!

Monday we were told all 6 were still holding on-four of them given a “good quality” rating and two given a “fair quality” rating.  My nurse told me I was a candidate to have the 5 Day embryo transfer.  Again…..I was so happy I almost cried.

Today is Tuesday and I’m letting my type A personality come through.  I was pretending to be that relaxed, laissez-faire kind of girl over the weekend, but today the internet was calling.  The internet is the worst thing for hypochondriacs like me-if I read it, I will have it!  After a mini-meltdown and an email to my nurse, I was reassured that my ride on the stationary bike at home was not going to cause ovarian torsion or worse-decrease my chances for pregnancy.  But, she did remind me to take it easy and prepare for my transfer happening this coming Thursday.  She also said all 6 of our little embryos have a “good quality” rating today.

Thursday we hope that we have 2 perfect little embryos to transfer in and that my body lovingly accepts them, as my mind has already done.  I’m taking the day off work to return to my place on the couch and hope for the little ones to stick.  I know we are still not in the clear and won’t be for a long time, but I feel hopeful and positive.  When I look at Hubby, I know that he is going to be a wonderful Dad to our children and it makes me want it to happen even more.  We are very blessed and this would be the ultimate blessing in our lives.


11 thoughts on “Six Little Embryos

  1. 1. I love how you used the word laissez-faire.
    2. I don’t think your stationary bike riding is going to intimidate Lance Armstrong.
    3. Spend more time on the couch.
    4. I know that YOU are going to be a wonderful Mom.

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