Embryo Transfer

Two of our beautiful little embryos are in! Yesterday was my embryo transfer at SRM.

Here is how the day went:

  • Wake up and drink about 24 ounces of non-carbonated, non-caffeinated fluid, go to the bathroom as needed
  • Acupuncture appointment pre-transfer, listen to meditation
  • Come home, go to the bathroom for the last time, start drinking another 24 ounces of non-carbonated, non-caffeinated fluid (30 minutes to exam time)
  • Check into SRM surgical clinic, go back to Transfer Room, am in slight discomfort
  • Ultrasound technician comes into room and uses a transabdominal ultrasound to check to see if my bladder is full, yes, it’s getting more uncomfortably full!
  • Embryologist comes in, we have two great looking blastocysts. We had 6 to start-one has been discarded (it stopped growing) and the other 3 are at earlier stages of growth, we may have at most only one to freeze. I’m a little disappointed, but focusing on the fact that we have 2 beautiful little embryos to transfer today
  • Ultrasound technician checks my bladder again, yes, ok, it’s miserably full now!!! Where is the Doctor??!
  • Doctor (my RE at SRM in fact) finally makes it in. She says “the embryos look great, are you sure you still want to put in 2?! Are you okay with possibly having twins?! I answer “Yes!”. She replies “I can understand with your lack of embryos to freeze and given your circumstances.”
  • The ultrasound technician again places the transabdominal ultrasound on my stomach and my RE can see my uterus fairly flattened out due to my bursting bladder. She takes a practice catheter and guides it into my uterine cavity.
  • The monitor is then switched to the lab where I see the embryologist suck the little embryos up into the real catheter after checking my name and patient number. The embryos float side-by-side up the tube-it makes me smile, like they are walking hand-in-hand up the tube
  • My RE then takes the catheter and again guides it up using the image on the ultrasound monitor to place them in my uterus
  • The embryologist in the lab checks the catheter to make sure it’s clear and that the embryos have in fact been placed in
  • I return to acupuncture again after my transfer appointment, my acupuncturist plays another meditation, this one helps me visualize my embryos finding a place to implant
  • 20120810-073602.jpg

    What do you think?! Do they look like me? Or maybe more like Hubby?! I have to have some humor because now it’s a waiting game and possibly the toughest part of this process. I’m continuing to be hopeful and taking it easy, trying to stay off my feet as much as possible for the next couple of days. But, I’m hoping to get back to my kitchen soon, keep my mind busy-more food posts to come!


    10 thoughts on “Embryo Transfer

    1. This whole process is fascinating. Thank you for posting about it. I hope you were able to keep your feet up this weekend. Thinking of you guys this week!

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