Brakes Applied

Hubby and I thought we would be proceeding with our natural cycle frozen embryo transfer (FET) this month, but looks like we aren’t.  I had a Day 12 ultrasound on October 31st  and a Day 15 ultrasound on November 3rd and from one to the other, my follicle showed little to no growth and my uterine lining was not increasing as well.  I spoke with my nurse yesterday morning, my estradiol was only 56 when I went in on Day 15, she said things weren’t looking good and that it wasn’t a great idea to move forward with the FET.  I wasn’t surprised with the news, my body was out of whack after the first round of IVF and I really wasn’t expecting to have a normal cycle after IVF #2.  And, for the record, I haven’t had a normal cycle in who know’s how long, I can’t even remember, I’ve been on this roller coaster for too long!

I’m not sad….more like indifferent.  I was pretty  broken down after the second IVF failed, so maybe this break is happening for a reason.  I’m a devout yogi, but haven’t been practicing as much as I’ve wanted in the past few months.  Recently, I’ve discovered a new yoga studio near my house, so I’ve been going frequently and am enjoying the physical challenge as well as the mental cleansing and relaxation that it brings me.  I’m off of my restrictions for the time being, letting myself enjoy dairy, gluten, coffee and alcohol in moderation.  I’m still cooking some great gluten-free and dairy-free recipes in my kitchen, but not feeling guilty about having a piece of bread at dinner or a delicious cup of gelato for dessert.  Hubby and I are going to Las Vegas in less than two weeks (Hubby has a conference there) and I’m actually looking forward to a “normal” weekend, maybe we can feel like that couple who are totally oblivious to the fact that we have fertility problems and can have unabashed fun!

In the next couple of days Hubby and I do, however, need to make a decision.  We need to decide if we want to still try for a natural start FET or go with a medicated (hormone replacement therapy) FET.  I originally wanted to do a cycle that was going to be as close to the “real thing” as possible, but realistically, I don’t think waiting only one more month will regulate my cycle any more.  The medicated cycle will give us the piece of mind of knowing when the transfer will occur and according to the projected calendar it likely will not be until early to mid January.  I’m nervous to go back on birth control since I was oversuppressed with them before we did IVF #1, but it will only be for 2 weeks this time.  Also, according to the projected timeline, we can enjoy the holidays minus the few ultrasounds and blood draws that may be required.

Do any of you have advice/experience of natural cycle FET vs. medicated FET???  I think you probably know which way I’m leaning……


14 thoughts on “Brakes Applied

  1. From my yoga teacher today “Our willingness to relax, breathe, and stay calm in the moment allows us to discover what’s possible. — Baron Baptiste” Blessings to you my friend!

  2. I had a medicated FET after my IVF failure…it was so easy…I was on vivelle patches but that wasnt working to get my lining thick enough so we moved onto estrace vaginally which did the trick….I would recommend a medicated cycle since IVF can do a real number on your regular cycle and who knows when it will be normal.

  3. Just want to let you know I am in a similar situation. My body was not responding and yesterday CD16 they did one last u/s and b/w. They told me my body wasn’t doing anything so they started me on estrace and we are converting this cycle to a medicated one. I could possibly be doing transfer as early as next Friday. I did not like medicated (my first FET) because the estrace made me depressed and feel awful. I also don’t do well on BCPs but MANY don’t have issues with BCP or Estrogen at all. Next FET ( if there is a next FET) I will be doing medicated again. It is too stressful to hope my body is responding and there is less of a chance they will have to cancel. I too have not had a normal cycle in a long time because of fertility treatments. Best of luck on your next FET.

  4. I’m with Cindy on this one. I’ve never done a “Natural FET” but have done a medicated FET. Sadly, it didn’t result in a positive, but I found it was a lot easier in its control and outcome, since IVF does do a number on our bodies. Not to mention, I went through several high impact situations this year. I would definitely lean more towards the medicated cycle if it were me. If you’re worried about being over-supressed, then maybe discuss not using the birth control & maybe just Lupron?? There’s many different options as I understand it.
    As always, you’re in my prayers Nikki. 🙂

  5. I know nothing about FET but wanted to send hugs your way. I am glad you are focusing your energy on the two of you. Enjoy all the things that were restricted and breathe for a bit. I say go for the medicated FET. The drugs suck but they help. Enjoy Vegas!!!!!

  6. I’ve only done medicated FET’s and both were technically successful. It’s nice knowing what is going to happen and when. I believe in medicated FET’s (for obvious reasons).

    I’m sorry you were put on hold, but this is best. Save those embryos for the best cycle!

  7. My heart flung open when you said you’ve started yoga again!!! It’s do easy to let go of the things that we love in times if stress yet it’s those very things that keep our heart open to life!!! Enjoy all of your yummies!!!

    Much love,
    Toni xxxxxxx

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