Frozen Embryo Transfer Completed

It’s early over here on the West Coast, I woke up when Hubby was getting ready for work so he could give me my POI (progesterone in oil) injection and have been doing a few things around the house before resorting to the sofa again to stay off my feet. Yesterday was my first FET (frozen embryo transfer), we didn’t have any embryos to freeze with our first IVF and our last attempt at a natural FET was cancelled due to my body not cooperating.

We have three frozen embryos but only decided to transfer one for this FET. We are participating in the Attain program and are trying to be strategic about the program. If (I’m hoping to really emphasize the IF here), we need to move ahead with IVF #3 and don’t end up with any embryos to freeze, we’ll still have 2 leftover for the final FET that would be covered under the Attain program. Also, transferring 2 embryos hasn’t brought us our baby (babies) yet, so we thought 1 embryo would be a little change in the game plan.

Hubby was working all day yesterday, so a good friend of mine took me to my appointment and was there for moral support. I took a 5 mg Valium this time, my fertility clinic doesn’t normally prescribe a sedative for embryo transfer, but I thought it would be helpful to take the edge off. It didn’t do a whole lot, I was just a little woozy, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt. The doctor who did my transfer had a tough time negotiating the catheter, but once in, the transfer went smoothly. Yesterday and today I’m laying low at home, tomorrow I’ll be back to work.

For IVF #1 and #2, I started bleeding before I went in for my blood pregnancy test, so I had asked my RE if I could try POI this time rather than the Prometrium suppositories. Hubby has been giving me my intramuscular injection every day and so far he’s been great. I lay on the bed and bend my knees to make the muscles on my backside as relaxed as possible, the injections aren’t horrible, I just feel like I have pulled muscles at the sites of injection. We’ve been alternating between the right and left sides daily. I heat the syringe under hot/warm water before giving it to Hubby to try to make the oil less viscous.

Our singleton from yesterday:


My beta is scheduled for the 17th of this month, Hubby and I have a trip to Kauai planned for the 19th, I’m hoping that the vacation will be celebratory, but in case it’s not, there’s no place I’d rather be than Hawaii……


34 thoughts on “Frozen Embryo Transfer Completed

  1. I thought about you yesterday, wondering how it went. I’m glad it went well! Good looking blast you have there!!

    Now relax and take it easy!

    And a tip on PIO. Load up the syringe and then put it under your armpit for 10 minutes. Warms up the oil nicely!

    Good luck!!!

  2. That’s a good looking thawed embryo 🙂 I’m crossing my fingers that your Hawaii trip turns out to be a great babymoon for you 🙂

  3. Look at that lovely little embaby! Sending you lots of good luck and patience to help you through the coming weeks. Also, we would warm the PIO vial in a heating pad for 10 minutes before loading the syringe and injecting. Made it much easier to press the oil in.

  4. YAY! I am so excited! I have everything crossed for you. I really hope this is your cycle!. Yes, warming up PIO and even the shot area before and after really help. Also, massaging the area after the shot works too.

  5. Awww that is so awesome. I am really glad to hear you guys changed up the game plan and went with one embryo and that your RE switched to PIO. It feels good to say: let’s do something different.

    I hope your time at home was nice and relaxing and that baby is snuggling in.

    Fingers crossed that Hawaii becomes a wonderful, beautiful time of celebration.

  6. So excited for you!!! Keeping fingers, toes, everything crossed. And yes, massaging the muscle post injection worked wonders for me. Didn’t start getting sore until several weeks in. Stick embie stick!!!

  7. Wow…I’ve been out of touch for a moment. I’m truly sorry. 😦 I will be keeping you in my prayers for a positive beta come time!
    Another trick for the PEO/PIO (although I was chicken and never took it) is to take a warm towel from the microwave and place the syringe inside one of the folds for about 5-10 minutes to warm it up. One of my friends did the injection that way and apparently it helped for her…
    Hawaii is a beautiful place! Like everyone else, I sure hope it’ll be a trip for celebration!

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