Happy New Year!!!

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I hope this is what you and I can say together for 2013!!! Hubby and I started trying to have a baby in 2010 and since then two new year’s day have gone by where I’ve said “This will be the year we have a baby.” So….here I am again, on the precipice of another year, hopeful that 2013 will be the magical year. Hubby and I were reflecting last night and he so dearly reminded me of all of the blessings we truly have in our life, despite not having a baby yet. We have wonderful families, loving parents, amazing friends, great jobs, a beautiful home and a friendship that has only grown stronger with our struggles. And he is right, we have so much to be thankful for. I’m just hoping that a healthy baby will be that final part that makes life complete for us. We originally wanted three children, but now, we would be over the moon to have just one.

I’m 8 days away from my frozen embryo transfer. Our natural FET was cancelled since my body wasn’t cooperating, so now we are doing a HRT FET (hormone replacement therapy frozen embryo transfer). Compared to a fresh cycle the FET is much simpler. Each night I’ve been doing 5 units of Lupron and increasing my estrogen patches from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 every other day. I had an ultrasound and estrogen blood test this past Friday and everything is looking to be on target for our transfer on January 8th. My lining was 9.8 and trilaminar and my estradiol levels are looking good for the transfer as well.

I definitely feel like I’m in a place so familiar…..a place full of excitement and fear. Excitement that this could be the cycle that works and of course, fearful that it’s not….once again. However, I must remind myself that this time is different, just like IVF #1 was different from IVF #2. But, maybe this FET is even more different from our first two cycles….I’m not coming off of a crazy amount of stimulation medications and perhaps our little embryo is stronger having gone through the freezing and thawing process. Hubby found this article and gave it to me to read last night promising that I wouldn’t start doing my own research on the internet only to send myself into an anxious frenzy.

My hope and prayer is that 2013 is the year. I hope this for myself but I also hope it for many of the other couples out there who are struggling with the same battle. I know many of you have the same challenges when I read the heartache in your posts. So, I’m raising a small glass of champagne to each of you….Cheers to a fabulous 2013!!!! xoxoxo


19 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Best of luck! You know that I am VERY hopeful for you and this cycle. I truly believe that FET’s are the way to go in the present and future. I’m glad the cycle is going well so far – sounds like your body is going to be perfectly ready for that embryo!

  2. 2013? Can’t be we’re old enough to be here already! Unbelievable. Here’s to a year full of happiness and Cheetos for you!

  3. I am really hopeful that 2013 will be your year, you described the feeling of tentative excitement so well.

    I love how close you and hubby have become over this process and how supportive and caring you are— you make a great team and you’ll be wonderful parents!

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