Happy Mother’s Day

First off-Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers, aunts, grandmothers, special people who are like mothers out there!!!!

Today is a wonderful day and a tough day.  Wonderful because I can honor and celebrate my beautiful Mother, she is the most kind, compassionate, loving and fun Mom a girl could have.  She really is a one-of-a-kind person, she is a registered nurse and has been working for many many years in a nursing home caring for those who can’t care for themselves.  But she doesn’t just work at the nursing home, she is a friend to her patients and treats them with respect and kindness.  I could never approach her job like she does, it amazes me.

I also get to celebrate my other Mom, Donna.  My mother-in-law is wonderful and treats me like I’m one of her own children.  Donna is also someone who is kind, caring, loving, and helpful to everyone around her.  Hubby is a much kinder and gentler soul than I am, and I think I have Donna to thank for that.  She raised 4 sons and did an amazing job at it.  I know that I can turn to Donna whenever I need support.

Today we had a lovely lunch celebrating both of our Moms.  The Seattle weather took a little turn from the warm temperatures and clear sunny skies, but it was still a very lovely day.

My two Moms.

My two Moms


The part of today that is tough is that I really thought I would be a mother by now.  I went off of birth control 3 years ago this month and we are still childless.  I look at all of the mothers with their children today and I look at them with envy.  I want to hold a child in my arms and know that I am somebody’s mom, that someone needs me and that I will have the special relationship that my Mom and I have together with my own child.  I read Erika’s post yesterday and it really hit home, she embodies what every person who struggles with infertility feels this time of year.

IVF #3 and my 34th birthday are both coming up.  I’ve started to dread my birthday, it’s just a giant reminder of my biological clock ticking louder and louder.  I’m not getting any more fertile……

Thank you for your encouraging words regarding IVF #3, I keep thinking “most people take 2.2 times to get pregnant via IVF, this has to work”.  I’m trying to get my head into a positive and optimistic place, I truly think there is power in positive thinking.  I haven’t been so positive with our other cycles, it’s my defense mechanism, but maybe it’s time to know that I will survive if it doesn’t work and that I need to envision that it CAN work.  We met with our RE this past Friday to sign consents (Yes, it’s actually been a year since we signed last time).  I’m taking a week off from work in June, so we have a very specific window to work with, my RE is afraid I may not ovulate in time since I’ve been having very long cycles, so I left the clinic with a prescription for letrozole to help get the timing right.  Third time’s a charm……..right?!  xoxo


6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. love the photo of you and your moms! sounds like a nice day. You have such a nice role model in your mom. To me, you always seem so positive through all this! And, pardon me, but you are a VERY kind and gentle soul!!

  2. I’m glad you had such a lovely day. It’s not easy, for sure, but wonderful that you had two amazing moms to celebrate.

    I am so hopeful for your upcoming IVF. And although positive thinking can’t hurt, it’s ok (and totally understandable) if you’re not so optimistic some days. But I really really hope third time’s the charm for you!

  3. the pictures of you and the moms are perfect! your mom and donna are so wonderful. you are allowed to have tough days, and you are kind and gentle. xo

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