Thursday night Hubby gave me a 5000 unit HCG shot and yesterday was my egg retrieval surgery. Thirty eggs were retrieved…..30! The most that we have retrieved thus far! My surgery went very well, the RE who performed my surgery was the same doctor who did my egg retrieval for IVF #2, she’s a rockstar. Not only did she retrieve 30 eggs, but she also took the time to drain some of the fluid/blood from my endometrioma cysts. When I came out of anesthesia I was busy talking about candles (not much recollection, but Hubby said I kept going on about candles), maybe I was wanting some ambiance in the OR, but I clearly remember her telling us that we retrieved 30 eggs. Woohoo!

The clinic just called and said that 21 of those 30 eggs fertilized, again the most we’ve ever had. They will call again with an update tomorrow, how many embryos are still viable and whether we will have a 3 or 5 day transfer. I’m praying that those little embies stay strong! With IVF #2, we had 19 retrieved, 11 fertilized and 5 made it for transfer and freezing.

So far it looks like the added growth hormone helped with the number of eggs that were produced. I had also added DHEA and CoQ10 in the months leading up to stimulation.

Lucky number 21, maybe it’s time to hit up the blackjack tables….I’m hoping Lady Luck is on our side. I dreamt last night that I finally saw that second pink line on a pregnancy test, I hope my dreams come true.


14 thoughts on “Blackjack

  1. Oh wow, that’s so amazing!!! 30?! Wow, and 21 fertilised. That’s such great news! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hope the next few days of waiting pass quick xx

  2. This is GREAT news! I think that no matter what comes of this cycle (it will work – it will!) – you will have plenty of frozen embryos to use to get your baby. You’re going to be in a really nice position for the future, too, when this cycle works and leaves you with plenty of frozen embryos for later, if you decide you want more kids. Knowing that you’re done stimming for IVF is a wonderful feeling – and I think you’re there, friend!

    Good luck with the rest of this cycle, but I just think it’s going to be the one!

    • Thank you Courtney, I really really really hope this is the ONE also! And yes, we are thrilled to have more embryos than past cycles, hopefully they will be there for future children. I told my husband yesterday that I really hoped my egg retrieval surgery was the last one I would have to undergo. I can only hope we are blessed with how much easier #2 was for you! How are you hanging in there?

      On Jun 16, 2013, at 8:58 AM, hopefulandhungry

  3. YES!!!! Yes, Yes, YES! This is SUCH great news, my friend! I’m so excited for you! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Praying for your little embryos right now!

  4. Holy cow! That is an amazing number of eggs retrieved and fertilized as well! I’m a big fan of magic numbers. My Irish grandma always believed 3 & 7 were the luckiest of numbers, and she always said Blackjack (21) was special because it consisted of 7 x 3.

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