More waiting…..

Yes, more waiting…….good things come to those who wait?

To bring you up to speed, I finally had a dominant follicle when I went in for an ultrasound on Day 24 of my cycle, so I triggered with HCG on Wednesday evening, injected 25 mg of progesterone in oil Thursday evening and have been doing 50 mg POI injections since then. I will continue the 50 mg of POI until August 4th when I will have my endometrial biopsy. My biopsy will take place on a Sunday, so luckily I can lay on the sofa and take it easy since I’ve heard the cramping can be quite uncomfortable. The biopsy will show if my hormone levels are out of phase with where it would need to be for an embryo to implant. She thinks it will likely be normal……bad because we won’t have a clear answer as to why none of our embryos have implanted, but I suppose good because then my hormone levels may be normal.

On Friday we had a consultation with our RE, she recently attended an IVF conference in Santa Barbara and had us in mind for one of the lectures. A French doctor has done a lot of research on endometriosis and says that patients with endometriosis have better odds for pregnancy when they’ve been on birth control for several months and have frozen embryo transfers rather than fresh. The birth control helps to settle the endometriosis down and since egg retrieval isn’t necessary we wouldn’t have to worry about oversuppression (which happened the first time we were attempting IVF). This is why the waiting will happen……I’ll be starting birth control after my endometrial biopsy and will be on it until November or December (depending on when we want to do our last FET). I am leaning towards November to avoid doing a cycle right around the Christmas holiday.

Hubby and I have done our own research and have asked our RE that for our last cycle that we would like to add both a steroid (ie. Dexamethasone) and a blood thinner (ie. Lovenox). We read many articles where these medications were positive or neutral towards pregnancy but not necessarily negative. We figure this is our last FET (under Attain) and why not throw the kitchen sink at me. We have a friend who did a similar protocol and got pregnant after several failed IVFs.

I’ve requested information from a local organization about both local infant adoption and international adoption. We are still pursuing this avenue, we would be more than thrilled to adopt a child as well as have one of our own.

We thought we would be cycling in September as both Hubby and I have a week off from work, but since I’ll be on birth control for several months we’ve decided to take a vacation. I’m trying to focus on the positive and be content with having a plan.

I hope to post a recipe on here soon! xoxo


9 thoughts on “More waiting…..

  1. Waiting totally sucks, but I’m proud of you for sticking it out! If there is a reason to believe your chances might go up, I think it’s a great plan! And a vacation isn’t a bad consolation prize! Good luck with the biopsy!

  2. I have to take Lovenox for my entire pregnancy for a clotting issue, but our third FET we started it with the beginning of the protocol instead of waiting for a BFP, and it made all the difference for us. I read a lot of studies that said it allegedly helps with implantation, and it definitely can’t hurt to give it a try!

  3. It’s good to have a plan. I vote for November since the holidays are hectic enough without trying to squeeze a cycle on top of it. But do what feels right to you. Good luck, enjoy your vacation.

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