Summer Fun

It’s hard to believe that it is August already. Where has this summer (and year) gone??! I’ve already owned my dental practice for 6 months, which is crazy! This summer in Seattle has been absolutely amazing, one of the best summers that I can remember in the past 10 years. We have only had a handful of rainy days, it’s been dry, sunny and beautiful!

Every year my Hubby’s business partner throws a summer party up at his vacation home on Guemes Island. Guemes island is a very small island close to the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington. His business partner crabs all week so that we can all enjoy lots of Dungeness crab. Their staff bring spouses and children and lots of yummy food to share.


This is what the view looked like when we arrived at his house, isn’t it gorgeous!?


We played a round of croquette and a round of ladder ball.



Beautiful dahlias from his wife’s garden!


Live crabs pulled in from the water. They didn’t know what was awaiting them.


This was awaiting them, all of the crabs fit into this one pot. I would have wanted to be a crab on the bottom and faced my imminent death more quickly.


I made this salad for our potluck dinner, Ambitious Kitchen’s Mango & Avocado Black Rice Salad with Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette. It was super easy to make and was a huge hit!


Lots of fresh crab, we had to work for our dinner, but it was worth every sticky finger and napkin.


Red velvet cupcakes from Costco, look how huge they were!


Beautiful sunset as we were packing up to leave for home.


Hubby and I enjoying their new beautiful deck. It was a year ago at this same party that I had my first pair of embryos transferred the day before. Last year I laid on a lawn chair the whole time and didn’t partake in croquette, ladder ball, or thirst-quenching margaritas. I wasn’t sad yesterday, I just realized that this past year has gone by so quickly and that so much has happened since then. We were full of optimism a year ago, we aren’t so full any longer, but we know that our new reality can bring us a new kind of optimism and happiness.

I had my endometrial biopsy last Sunday, it was definitely one of the more uncomfortable procedures that I’ve had done. I’ll hear back about the results in another week or two. Later this month, Hubby and I are attending an adoption information meeting to find out more about domestic adoption. We are both excited to see where this path can lead us. And we pray that it won’t be as difficult as IVF has been.

I hope you are all enjoying your summers……sun, fun, friends, and food make this journey a little easier. xoxo


10 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. So beautiful! A perfect weekend for it! How were the cupcakes?? I always look forward to your updates. Anxious to hear about your biopsy and meeting coming up!

  2. wow look at all that crab! that island looks beautiful. i’ve never even heard of it. i’m excited for your adoption meeting! i hope it goes well, and fills you back up with optimism!

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