My Embryo Transfer Day

Yesterday was my second frozen embryo transfer (my fifth embryo transfer overall) and likely my last one. (Praying that this will be the one, I’ll finally conceive and that I’ll do it again in the future.) Breath held……
Since starting my progesterone in oil injections, I haven’t been sleeping very well. Yesterday was no exception, so I didn’t fight my insomnia and got out of bed at 5:30 AM and was surprisingly productive. I made a huge pot of soup (trying to eat lots of warm foods), cut up a pineapple (so I can eat the core for the next 5 days), watered the plants, cleaned up the kitchen and went to a yoga class (so I could get my Zen on).
Before we headed to the clinic for the transfer, one of the pastors from our church (she is a British lady who I absolutely adore and has been with us along this journey) came to our house and prayed with us. It meant a lot to Hubby and I that she drove all the way to our house and took the time to bless this final embryo transfer and to pray that the desires of our hearts might be fulfilled. I felt calm and know that this is beyond my control. Like I said in my last post, I’ve done what I can. I can’t say I haven’t tried.
After arriving at the clinic, the embryologist came in and gave us a picture of our embryo. Only problem was, it was the picture of a single embryo and we had planned on transferring two. He said it was no problem, so he headed back in the lab to thaw a second embryo. It took another forty-five minutes or so, so I continued to fill and empty my bladder as needed (I have the world’s smallest bladder, it can fill in 5 minutes, no joke!). The transfer itself went smoothly, the doctor who performed my transfer had done it for us twice before.
Hubby and I had a very lazy day yesterday, watched TV, watched a movie, ate soup, ate pizza and just relaxed. Today is more of the same. The waiting is always the hardest part, I’m hoping this wait will be a little easier. I’m working a partial week coming up and then heading to my parent’s house for a few days for the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, it will be nice to be surrounded by family enjoying comforting and delicious food.
I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I know I have much to be thankful for…..I just hope that being a Mom will be another thing to be thankful for soon.


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