No Gender News Yet

Hello! I’m sure some of you are waiting for me to post what genders the little ones are. Unfortunately, I don’t have the news yet. We had an appointment with our OB yesterday, she did do an ultrasound and the babies look great, both are laying transverse across my mid-section. Heads are to the right and feet are on the left and both were moving like crazy. It’s so much fun to see them dance around. I did have a tea-lemonade before my appointment to see if the sugar would get them to move a bit more, it worked!

We asked our doctor to tell us what gender she thought they were, she was definitely apprehensive and said “I have a terrible track record”, I think since she was not 100% on their genders, so she didn’t want to say anything. We will have our 20 week ultrasound in two weeks, so hopefully we’ll find out then. Hubby had driven as fast as possible from work to be at the appointment, so he was highly disappointed that we didn’t get to find out. But, I told him we should be happy to see them healthy and growing. I’m content knowing they are doing well, and I’m sure two weeks will be here before we know it.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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