Things Are A Changing….

20 weeks, here we come!  Tomorrow I will be 20 weeks and I must say that my body is definitely changing and my belly is growing at a much quicker pace.  I’m either in my pre-pregnancy leggings and the waist band is very tight or I’m in maternity clothes and much more comfortable.

I was feeling a lot of flutters last week and this week they don’t seem as noticeable.  Of course this worries me, but I’m trying to be logical and thinking, maybe the babies are getting bigger and don’t have as much room to squirm and move.  They are definitely more quiet when I’m at work, but I’m up and about a lot more during the work week and maybe all of my movements lull them into a relaxed/sleep state.  One of my besties gave us the book The Happiest Baby on the Block, it’s a great read, hoping it’ll prepare us for the arrival of the babies and making me think more about my movements, etc.

Hubby and I started our multiples class at the hospital that we will deliver at this past week.  There are about 10 couples in the class, all having twins, and we have the latest due date in the bunch.  All the couples are very nice and we learned quite a bit in the first of our five classes.  The first class focused on topics such as nutrition and what signs to look for in pre-term labor.  The classes are 3 hours on Wednesday evenings, so it makes for a very long workday for both of us, but definitely something that we both feel is important.

I’ve always been a very active person, so today was a wake-up call for me.  Since being pregnant, I’ve really cut back on my exercise, I’m down to basically walking (inside on a treadmill or outside when the weather cooperates), riding a recumbent bicycle (while watching Friday Night Lights) or doing intro-level vinyasa yoga classes.  I love being active and I love yoga, so today, when I was in my yoga class and feeling uncomfortable, it made me realize that my body is changing and things are not what they use to be.  I’m not complaining, it’s just a weird realization.  Today after yoga I started having some noticeable cramping, much like menstrual cramps and after running some errands, I had to listen to my body and go home, lay down, and drink lots of water.  I felt really bad because I had plans with my bestie today, but I know at this point I have to be careful and she was very understanding that I had to cancel our plans.  I called the on-call doctor to be on the safe side and he said I had probably overdone it and to take it easy.  Therefore, as sad as I was to do it, I have cancelled my yoga membership for now.  My gym offers yoga which isn’t vinyasa, so I’m hoping to keep some yoga in the regimen.  At this point, babies come first!

Hubby and I have had a pretty low-key weekend so far, which has been nice, we are usually busy all of the time.  We made tacos last night and watched Frozen, I guess we are 10-year-old girls!

Here is the latest picture:

19 Weeks

19 Weeks

Our 20 week detailed ultrasound is coming up at the end of the week, so again, keeping our fingers crossed that everything looks healthy and normal and that we will finally find out genders!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!



10 thoughts on “Things Are A Changing….

  1. Love that belly! I had similar cramps starting around 18 weeks…and then started getting real contractions soon after so you are very smart to take it easy! Can’t wait to hear your gender news!

      • Hard to say…I did end up on bed rest for a short cervix at 26 weeks (but ended up being induced at almost 39 weeks)…but no one could really tell me whether that was from the contractions or just the weight of two babies pressing on my cervix. I definitely noticed more contractions the more active I was or the longer I was on my feet. I think they said I had a “irritable uterus”. I also noticed more if I was dehydrated…in fact I ended up on the maternity ward to be monitored at 27 weeks because I was having so many….after a bunch of IV fluid they stopped so I learned my lesson about staying hydrated! Just take it as easy as possible! Twin pregnancies are nothing like singleton ones…so while “normal” pregnant women are out doing prenatal fitness classes and basically living their normal lives, we should be concentrating on gaining adequate weight and keeping pressure off our cervix! It definitely isn’t your typical pregnancy experience, I found!

  2. Haha DH and I watched Frozen this weekend too. 🙂 Your belly looks so cute! I remember when Tru first started kicking that I went a couple days without feeling anything before he started up again. I was probably around 16 weeks and it really scared me but I think he was just so small and all his apendages must have been towards my back. I hope they start moving around lots so you can have that peace of mind. 🙂

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