Almost 29 weeks……

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekends, celebrating the lives of those we have lost and enjoying a long weekend with friends and family.

We are over in central Washington in the town I grew up in, today I had my last baby shower. Once again, our girls were spoiled by generous family friends. We received a lot of diapers, which we are so thankful to have, I’m sure we will go through them in no time.

Here is the bassinet that was mine when I was a baby, my Mom filled it with all kinds of baby gear.


This past Thursday we had another OB appointment. My cervix is still holding strong at around 4 centimeters, but somehow both Baby A and Baby B have done flips since our last appointment and are now both breach. My doctor isn’t too concerned, she said they have plenty of time to flip back to head down and they both seem to have quite a bit of fluid surrounding them which will allow them to do so. I’ve recently started back with the acupuncture to help with my continuing carpal tunnel syndrome and my acupuncturist talked about Moxibustion Therapy to turn the babies around to head down. It involves placing a heated moxa stick close to the pinkie toe for approximately 10 minutes on each foot for 10 or so days starting around 32-33 weeks. I figure it can’t hurt and we might give it a try.

We also had our hospital tour this past Thursday, we were able to see a birthing suite and a postpartum suite. We will be delivering in an OR since we are having multiples, but it was nice to see where we will be before and after their delivery.

As promised, here are a couple of photos from our pregnancy photo shoot. I was 25 weeks in these photos.



Here is today, I will be 29 weeks tomorrow.


Overall things are going very well, I really can’t complain. My carpal tunnel is getting a bit worse which along with my growing belly is making work a little more difficult, but only about 7 more weeks of work to go. Also, my headaches are returning, I had severe headaches for a couple of weeks in my first trimester and am now on Day 3 of bad headaches again…..figure it’s all of those hormones!

Have a safe holiday weekend!



20 thoughts on “Almost 29 weeks……

  1. That’s precious! How sweet that your mom used your bassinet. 🙂 You are so adorable in those pregnancy photos. You are carrying your twins so well! Can’t believe your cervix is at 4cm still. I don’t remember if mine was ever that good with just one baby! That’s great. Hope your headaches go away soon. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, it was such a sweet gift from my Mom. I’m surprised my cervix is holding strong, my doctor said it should start shortening at 32 weeks. I hope these headaches go away soon also, no fun!

  2. Love the pictures!! You look gorgeous. You are super blessed to have had so many baby showers, every little bit helps (especially with twins!) hopefully the babies will continue to move around and do their thing! One of my boys was breached while the other was in a good position. You’re getting closer!

    • Thank you. Yes, we are very fortunate to have had so many showers and people have been beyond generous. Did you have a vaginal birth with the boys? That is my goal, but I’m okay with a C-section if that’s what has to happen. 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos! What a perfect belly – you are ALL babies!

    I can’t believe you only have 7 weeks left of work! WOW! This pregnancy has seemed to have gone fast… For me, at least. 😉

  4. I love the pictures – beautiful!

    I had horrible carpal tunnel with my daughter too – my chiropractor used kineso-tape on my wrists, which helped a bit, but I ended up wearing wrist braces 24/7 as it was the only way to get relief. Good luck!

    • Ugh, the carpal tunnel is not fun. I’m wearing a brace when I can on my right side and definitely at night when I sleep, I think I might need to get one for my left hand as well. How long did it take for yours to go away after your daughter was born?

      • Mine was gone within 24-48 hours if I remember correctly. My girlfriend had it a bit longer (a cpl weeks maybe?), but both resolved pretty quickly after birth.

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