34 weeks

Tomorrow is July, July is the twins birth month!!! Crazy, can’t believe it’s almost here. Baby A is still breech so we have our C-section scheduled for July 25th, but my OB continues to say that she doesn’t think I’ll make it to that day. On July 25th I’ll be 37 weeks and 5 days.

Overall, I really can’t complain too much about my pregnancy, but my body is definitely feeling like it’s getting towards the end of the road. My carpal tunnel is pretty intense now, pretty much 24/7 numbness, so I’ve really cut back at work. And the newest, not favorable symptoms have been rapid weight gain and severe lower body swelling. Luckily, my blood pressure is still okay. My doctor says the swelling is my body’s way of saying I need to take it easy, she wants me to stop working after this week, but I think with my light schedule I should be able to finish up the week after as well.

I think I’ve almost doubled my total weight gain in the last month. To help with the swelling I’m wearing compression socks to work (not sure if they are helping, see photo below!), sitting in a tub of cold water in the evening before bed, cutting back on salty foods, and trying to keep my feet up at home as much as possible. Hope this picture doesn’t scare you.

My legs after a day of work with compression socks!


Maya, my fur baby, snuggling up to the babies. She has been my baby for almost 12 years, she has no idea how life is going to change!


Here’s the baby bump today, keeps getting larger!


We had a growth check ultrasound today and received great news. Baby A is estimated to be 5 pounds 10 ounces and Baby B is estimated to be 5 pounds 7 ounces. We are thrilled at their sizes, they both seem to have my big head, so the weights may be a little overestimated! Baby A continues to be sitting right on my cervix so the C-section will still be the way to go.

Back to the OB on Thursday for another routine check and NST. No plans for our Fourth of July this year yet, maybe just a small BBQ at home with friends. Happy and safe 4th everyone!



18 thoughts on “34 weeks

  1. This is SO exciting!! I couldn’t be happier for you guys! I can’t believe it is July, and that the babies will be here so soon! I think Maya already loves them, even if they are going to turn her world upside down πŸ™‚

  2. You’re having those babies in a few weeks! Yay! Unbelievable how fast this has gone!

    I had awful swelling with matthew, but not with Bryson. Get a massage and ask them to work on your legs. That pushed the water out of them for 3-5 days at a time. It was marvelous!

  3. Oh my goodness–you’ll get to meet them so soon! So excited for you in these last few weeks. The swelling looks uncomfortable, but as long as your blood pressure is OK, it’s more of an annoyance. I’m impressed by your sticking it out at work. Good for you! And your bump is beautiful! Can’t wait to see these little girls when they make their grand entrance!

  4. You still look amazing… your bump is so cute! But OUCH to the leg/feet swelling… that looks miserable! So excited that the birth month is here! Congratulations… you made it!!!

  5. Ahhhhh I remember all of that swelling! It’s so hard to avoid with a twin pregnancy! I sat all the time, put my legs up, did the ice thing…and still swelled up like a balloon! Happy 34 weeks! You are so close to the finish line and I’m glad to hear the weights of the little ones are amazing! Hooray!

  6. Wow – how exciting! Congrats to you on making it as far as you have and for making it look good! My bedrest from 23 weeks on…sucked. So extra kudos to you! Those babies are coming so soon!!

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