Happy Holidays! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed time with family and friends. We had a very fun and low key holiday this year (time leading up with Christmas parties, etc. was not as low key!). Like I mentioned in my last post, Christmas is so much more magical viewed through the eyes of children, our little ones are only a little more than five months, so I can only imagine that it will only get more fun in the future.

The Saturday before Christmas we spent the day and evening with my in-laws. We had a lovely dinner and exchanged gifts. Jemma and Zoe were spoiled by their grandparents and aunt and uncle. Lots of clothes, a couple of moving mobiles for their cribs, animal pillows and books. We were planning an evening at the zoo for their Wildlights, but poor, rainy weather changed our plans. On Christmas eve day we headed east to visit my family in central Washington. My Mom just had rotator cuff surgery, so she is recovering and a little immobile. It was the first visit to my home town for the girls, so we had lots of visitors and family friends who were looking forward to meeting Jemma and Zoe for the first time. Once again they were spoiled with gifts from grandparents and friends.

Christmas Day!




Animal pillows from Auntie and Uncle


We are making some milestones right now. Jemma has rolled over twice and Zoe is very very close (I told her she is 99% there!) and Jemma is getting her two lower front teeth. She has hardly made a fuss with them coming in, so we were very surprised to see them coming through already. Zoe doesn’t have any teeth poking through yet. Both girls are smiling a ton and laughing a lot, it’s so sweet and so much fun. Walking into their room in the morning is by far the best part of my day!!!! Since the girls are starting to roll around, we have moved them into their own cribs. Last night was their first night apart and they did great. We are consistently sleeping 12 hours a night!!! Baths are happening around 7:30 PM and bottles and bed right after. Most mornings they start to babble around 8-8:30. Napping on the other hand hasn’t been going as well, the last few days the girls have only been napping for about 30 minutes at a time, with the exception of a two and a half hour car ride nap both to and from my home town.

As we approach the end of 2014, I feel like I must truly count all of my blessings. I have a wonderful Hubby who is such an amazing hands-on Dad (who loves his little girls immensely), two beautiful, healthy and happy twin girls, two wonderful grandmas who help us with childcare and love our daughters beyonds words, family who love and support us, jobs we enjoy and give us the flexibility to spend time with Jemma and Zoe, and our own health and happiness.

Thank you to all of you who read my blog and write such supportive and uplifting comments. I am thankful for YOU! As 2015 approaches, I hope and pray that it will be the year that will bring many of you the little ones that you have been longing for. I remember clearly what it feels like to be waiting, hoping, praying, and wondering if and when a miracle baby may come along. Have hope, miracles do happen! I think of each and everyone one of you often.



15 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. can your girls talk to their friend P about sleeping 12 hours at night? and their future baby friend?! that is awesome! looks like you had a lovely Christmas and they will just get so much more fun as the girls get older!

  2. Hello, friend! I’m back from the great blogging beyond and just wanted to wish you four a very happy new year! Zoe and Jenma look particularly delicious in their Xmas outfits. You’re doing a fantastic job, mama!

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