Five Months

Happy Holidays! I cannot believe that next week is Christmas, I still need to finish up some last minute shopping, get stocking stuffers and wrap gifts. Where has the year gone?!

This has been an especially fun Christmas, it’s true that having children brings the magic of the holidays back. Seeing the wonder in a child’s eye is so special. Our little ones aren’t quite aware of what exactly Christmas is, but they do love to stare at our tree, smiling at all of the lights and ornaments.

Thinking back to this time last year makes me smile, thinking of being pregnant after our long journey and feeling the happiness that our last and final round of IVF had worked! There are several friends in real life and in my blogging world that I still am hoping and praying for, hopes that they will soon have a child in their arms. Hope and heartache, sometimes the two are so intertwined.

Jemma and Zoe are five months old and are so much fun! We are getting tons of smiles, lots of belly laughs, and they are full of curiosity.

We went on our first trip on an airplane earlier this month and the girls did awesome. My brother-in-law got married in California, so we had lots of family members along with us and lots of helping hands. Jemma and Zoe slept three of the four take off/landings and hardly made a peep on the airplane. The airport staff and flight crew were accommodating despite seeing us roll up with all of our gear and two babies.

The girls are almost rolling over, love sucking on their hands, cooing/talking a lot, sleeping through the night (almost every night!!!), doing much better with tummy time, reaching for objects and love looking in the mirror at themselves (especially Zoe). They aren’t showing much interest in food yet, we are going to wait until their six month appointment before we consider introducing solids. I’m reading the book Baby Led Weaning and plan on introducing solids using this method rather than spoon feeding. I’ve been almost exclusively pumping my breastmilk and plan to finish pumping around six months. I would love to give the girls breastmilk for longer, but it’s a huge commitment, especially since I’ve been pumping three times at work alone. I’m still getting up one time per night. Unfortunately, I’ve been sick more since giving birth than I have in years, I think my body is run down from the sleep deprivation and the fact that I feel like I’m going non-stop. I’m hoping to feel better when I start getting better sleep at night.

Arrival at airport after a successful flight

Family photo at the wedding


Five month photo


Tummy time!


Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!



14 thoughts on “Five Months

  1. Wow!!!! Five months already!!! They are gorgeous! And it gives me hope hearing how well your little ones traveled! Hubs and I are taking the boys on a long roadtrip over Christmas break and I’m nervous!!

  2. Your girls are gorgeous! 💕love their smile 🙂 I am sure you will have a wonderful Christmas with lots of love from your babies!!! 🎄
    I bought the same carseats and the same stroller!👌 You are so brave to travel with twins. wow! and you look great!!! I hope I can be fit again after giving birth like you!!!
    Best of luck with everything with your babies and work! love your blog 😊

    • Oh, thank you so much!!! Looking forward to this Christmas for sure! You’ll love the carseats and stroller! I think if you are well organized you can travel also, it helps that people love twins and are very accomodating! Thanks again, happy holidays, I’ll hop over and check out your blog! xoxo

  3. What beautiful little babies!!! 🙂 Seriously, they are just gorgeous. I agree that pumping can take a toll on your health. I felt that way too. I felt a lot better once I quit pumping but even then, just with breast feeding, when I was tired it felt like he was sucking the life out of me. 6 months is quite an accomplishment though! Especially for pumping – that is no small job there!

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