Eight Months

Happy Spring!  We are having an exceptionally mild year in the Northwest and have been enjoying spring-like weather for quite some time now.  Lots of sunny days and surprisingly little rain

Jemma and Zoe are eight months, so hard to believe how fast they are growing.  We are still blessed with such fun, happy, easy-going and sweet little girls.  They rarely fuss and only cry when tired or hungry.

The girls are eating three solid meals a day, a mix of pureed foods and some finger foods (BLW method).  The girls get a bottle first thing in the morning, have three meals followed by smaller bottles throughout the day and then have baths and a bottle before bedtime which has been around 7:30-8:00 PM.  Both are still sleeping easily through the night for around 12 hours.

Jemma has 7 teeth now!  She has her 4 lower incisors and 3 of her upper incisors.  She can easily bite into foods if placed in the front of her mouth.  She loves berries and makes “mmmm” sounds when she eats.  She is not a fan of avocado and will often gag (and sometimes throw-up) when eating them.  She loves mum mums and they disappear quickly.

Zoe still only has 2 of her lower incisors, but the lack of teeth doesn’t keep her from enjoying the same foods as Jemma.  She is a good eater but will sometimes blow bubbles/spit her food out and then laughs after doing so.  We have to tell her “no”, but then turn our heads to laugh because it’s so funny.  Trying not to encourage the bad behavior.  Zoe still likes to take her time with her bottles and needs lots of breaks.  

Jemma has been more easy-going than in the past lately and is very happy these days.  She is starting to clap her hands and loves the song, “When You’re Happy”.  Zoe has been a little more fussy lately, but is still overall, very happy.  She is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth.  No forward motion yet, but she somehow can move backwards and can get all around our living room.

Hubby has been able to cut back a little at work this month and has been able to stay home with the girls to give his Mom a break from childcare.  My Mom is still unable to help us as she is in her third month of recovery following rotator cuff surgery.  We gave my parents my old iPad and have been doing FaceTime with them since they aren’t visiting as often.  The girls and grandparents really enjoy seeing each other!

 Eight Months!

Enjoying our US Weekly magazines


All smiles

Happy girls


Hubby and I survived our first weekend away from the girls earlier this month.  Their grandparents had more toys and gear at their place than we have at home!  They sent us lots of photos and gave us constant updates.  We are very lucky to be returning to Maui again in April.  Hoping the trip will go as well as last time.

My bestie just gave birth this past Friday to a beautiful baby girl.  This is her second daughter, her older daughter is 2 1/2.  It’s so much fun to have so many friends with children around the same age as Jemma and Zoe!  Hoping they’ll all be lifetime friends!

Happy Sunday!



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