Thirteen Months

Busy busy, these girls are definitely keeping us on our toes!  They are not walking yet, but are constantly on the move and don’t want to sit still for one second.  I can only imagine what life will be like once they start walking.

We are now down to one nap a day, it seemed a little early to drop a nap, but the girls dictated the change.  Morning naps were usually successful, but the afternoon nap was hit or miss and sometimes would only be half an hour to forty-five minutes.  We are now doing one mid-day nap and the girls will usually nap for two to three hours.  With only one nap a day, it has been a little easier to schedule our day and go out and about if we want.  The girls are still sleeping almost twelve hours at night, so we really can’t complain.

Jemma and Zoe are still LOVING food, they seriously haven’t met a food that they don’t love.  Jemma doesn’t love avocados as much as Zoe, but it’s been so nice to give them a variety of foods and have them eat everything without a fuss.  We even took them out to Indian food a couple of weeks ago and they happily ate paneer naan, tandoori chicken and a curry cauliflower dish!  We have simplified meals as well-morning (around 8 AM) meal and 5 ounce sippy cup of milk with their DHA, Vitamin D, and probiotics, a late morning/early afternoon (11:30 AM-12 PM) meal with another 5 ounce sippy cup of milk, nap and then a late afternoon (4 PM) meal and another 5 ounce sippy cup.  They usually don’t drink all of their sippy cups while eating, so we let them sip on them while playing after their meals.  Baths happen around 7:30-8:00 PM and are followed by a 7 ounce bottle again with DHA and probiotics.  The routine seems to be working well and has made things a little easier for both of our Moms who are still helping us-we are so fortunate and blessed to have them taking care of the girls while we are at work.

The girls still enjoy their baths, but baths have gotten a little more challenging for me.  Both girls either like to stand up on feet or knees in the bath, they literally stand on feet or knees, turn and look at me and smile.  I, of course, try to intervene immediately, sitting them down on their bottoms and telling them not to stand, but unfortunately with trying to get two to cooperate simultaneously we’ve had a couple of spills.  Luckily, no one has been seriously hurt, but a bathtub spill is very scary to observe!

Jemma and Zoe are babbling a lot but still not saying any actual words.  They are starting to point a lot and will whimper if they want something.  Jemma especially loves to hand things to us and both girls are starting to mimic us.  They have play cell phones and they hold them to their ears-so cute!

We are trying to wear all of the 12 month clothing that the girls have gotten as gifts and a few things I’ve bought for them.  They are growing so fast that I’m trying to make sure they wear everything.  We have been fortunate to have such warm weather in the Northwest this summer that they have had a chance to wear a lot of sundresses.

Family photo at their first birthday party

Family photo at their first birthday party

Homemade smash cakes-Trophy Cupcake recipe

Homemade smash cakes-Trophy Cupcake recipe

Birthday girls!!

Birthday girls!!

All clean after cake smash

All clean after cake smash

Summer is winding down and we are heading to a Washington resort area, Seabrook, with three other twins families.  We met the other families through our PEMS group and are really looking forward to a fun weekend away with all of them.  It will definitely be an adventure to have eight one-year-olds all together who all have varying nap schedules, but we’ll go with the flow.  We are sharing a house with one other family whose twin boys are exactly one month older than Jemma and Zoe, the other two families will be in individual cottages.

I also sadly found out that my OB is leaving the group that I see.  I love my doctor and felt that she took great care of me all through my pregnancy and did an amazing job with my delivery.  I had a lot of complications after my delivery and the other doctor who did my C-section was there to take care of me as well.  I wanted to see her one last time before she goes, she won’t be seeing regular patients in her new position as a laborist at another branch of the same hospital that we delivered at.  Hubby and I saw her yesterday and asked her if we did decide to have another child if she thinks it’s safe and if we would face any of the same complications we did with the girls-HELLP syndrome and post partum hemorrhage.  She has given us the green light if we decide to have another child-of course a singleton!  She said what I experienced was likely only due to the fact that it was a multiples pregnancy and not that I was high risk on my own.  We are not sure if we will pursue another child-but it gives us peace of mind if we do.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, I love fall but am sad to see the summer going by so quickly!

Also, check out Jessah’s post, I could not have said it better myself…….true words.



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