Fourteen Months

Happy Fall!  My favorite season is upon us, is it just me or has 2015 gone by in a flash?!  

We now have a walker!  Zoe is taking unassisted steps and my Mom said she even took some steps today from our dining room table to the kitchen without being coaxed to come.  Jemma is continuing to cruise along the furniture and likes to walk around holding our hands, but hasn’t taken steps on her own…..yet.  I know it’s only a matter of time before I have two little girls running around.

We recently had a week off of work and headed to Seabrook for the Labor Day weekend with three of the other families from our PEMS twin group.  We all had an adventurous time getting to Pacific Beach, WA, but were able to relax with some wine and dinner after getting settled in.  We shared a house with another family whose twin boys are exactly one month older than Jemma and Zoe.  The house was set up perfect for two families.  Our family took the basement and the other family took the upstairs, the main floor separated us which had the kitchen and living space.  One of the Dad’s from the group took charge and created a meal schedule and it worked out perfectly-each family prepared one meal and everyone pitched in side dishes and drinks.  We all had lots of fun going down to the beach, swimming at the pool, eating meals together and laughing.  The guys did a Dad’s Night Out and the girls did a Mom’s night out.  It was fun to be together with other couples who know exactly the chaos, craziness and fun that having twins entails.  We had a wonderful time, but came home completely exhausted.  The girls slept in a pack n’ play and travel crib in the TV room right outside our bedroom, being in a new environment they didn’t sleep well and cried a lot of the night.  Therefore, Hubby and I didn’t sleep well either.  Both girls caught colds from the other little guys in our house and Zoe was not happy about it!  Zoe also got carsick on the way down and back, it’s an ongoing battle since we transitioned to the next carseat.  We’ll all be happy when we can face-forward in another ten months or so.
 Four times the fun!  3 boys and 5 girls

Unfortunately, the cold the girls caught from our Labor Day vacation turned into fevers the following week and Jemma ended up with an ear infection.   She had a fever from Sunday until Wednesday and it was my Mom who pointed out that she was tucking her right ear to her right shoulder and also tugging at it.  Hubby took her to the pediatrician the same Thursday and it was determined she had an ear infection and had to do a course of antibiotic suspension.  She’s doing well now, but it’s no fun having sick babies!
Jemma and Zoe are still eating well.  While they were sick they definitely were more picky and didn’t have their usual voracious appetites.  Jemma still prefers fruit, especially berries and Zoe still continues to love avocadoes.  Zoe has been eating especially well, maybe it’s all the calories she’s burning trying to walk.

Our bath and bedtime routine is still working well and the girls are continuing to take their mid-day nap for two to three hours.  

The girls’ hair has been growing and they started getting long pieces in their eyes-with reluctance I trimmed their bangs slightly.  I might have gone a little too short on Zoe, but now I can see their eyes.

 Maybe a little short?! 
We are still anxiously awaiting actual words to come from Jemma and Zoe’s mouths, but it’s clear that they understand what we are saying.  We can asked for the “kitty” or “doggy” Duplo toy and they will pick out just what we are asking for.  They also will lift up their feet for us to do “This Little Piggy” on their toes.  They listen to direction and laugh when we laugh.  They also will do a Downward Dog when asked, sometimes a Three Legged Dog for Jemma.  

When the girls were three months old, I kept thinking, “I love this stage, I don’t think it can get better than this.” and sure enough I thought that month after month.  I am still overwhelmed by how much I love these two little miracles and keep thinking that each moment is beautiful, amazing and so much fun.  They are developing their own personalities and it is a blessing to be get to witness all of their developments.

 Swinging together at the park

Zoe loves hanging out with Mimi and her friend! 

 Jemma laying with Daddy while he gets his dental exam from Mommy.

 These two melt my heart!!

Happy Fall! 




8 thoughts on “Fourteen Months

  1. beautiful baby girls. so many milestones. way to go! i think the “too short bangs” is a right of passage every little should suffer at least once in her life and at this age, it’s just super cute 🙂

  2. OMG – they get cuter every time I see them, the swing picture is so precious. Glad you had a fun if not so restful labour day vacay with the other twins. Can’t wait to hear about all the mischief the girls will get uop to once they start running around together!

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