Twenty One Months

Today it is 82 degrees out…..82 degrees!… the middle of April……in Seattle!  This is just crazy!  I’m at work today, but wishing I was out with the girls soaking in this abnormal sunshine.  The Northwest has been having unusually nice and warm weather so far this spring, it’s been a welcome change after all of the rain we had earlier this year.  I’m looking forward to an evening walk after dinner tonight.

Jemma and Zoe are only three months away from age 2… hard to believe that we officially have toddlers.  They are doing great, we are definitely hearing more words, enjoying more singing and overall just having a ton of fun!

Last week I had a rough week, I came down with a stomach bug that was going around, but I kept my distance from the rest of the family and luckily no one else came down with it.  We have been so fortunate that the girls haven’t had any stomach issues yet.

The girls love to sing-be it in the car, in the stroller on our walks, at the dinner table or when they are in their rooms napping or about to wake up in the morning.  Most times the songs are reminiscent of “Twinkle twinkle”, “ABC song”, or “Old MacDonald”.  It’s funny when they sing in almost unison.

More new words since last month:

Night night





Yes/Yeah (nice to finally hearing it mixed in with all of the “Nos”, when the Meghan Trainor “No” song comes on the radio, I always tell Zoe, “it’s your song” since “no” is her favorite word)



Vroom (car noise)



I love you-sort of, if we prompt it 🙂

I’m sure I’m forgetting some, I need to write them down as soon as I hear them.

Poor Zoe has taken a few spills recently, she slipped on a play picnic tablecloth on our hardwood fall and literally had her feet come out from underneath her and then at a friends house for dinner she fell off a stool and bonked her head.  Both times she hit the back of her head and cried hard, but luckily came away from both incidences unharmed.  It literally makes my heart jump into my throat to see either of the girls get hurt.  But, it is amazing to see the empathy they are already developing.  Both times that Zoe got hurt, Jemma was right there bringing her a stuffed animal.  One of the times she even gave her lovey-her beloved Zebra.  They also will hug each other and show general concern.  It is the sweetest thing ever!  I hope we won’t have to wrap Zoe in bubble wrap anytime soon.

Jemma is still continuing to use the potty-both the little floor potty and the big potty with the baby seat on top somewhat regularly.  She will even grab toilet paper and will “wipe”.  Zoe still is not showing much interest in the potty.

Our routine is very much the same as it’s been, bedtime has just recently gotten a little easier.  We brush teeth after dinner, if it’s a bath night, we do baths, read stories, say prayers and now we say “okay, time to get into your beds”.  They will walk to their beds and we put them in.  The bedtime routine no longer requires rocking or carrying, which makes it far easier for one person.

We recently took the girls to the zoo and met up with our twin group, the girls could finally appreciate some of the animals and had fun walking around rather than being in their strollers the whole time.

We recently changed their car seats to forward-facing, it was a little earlier than we were anticipating, but Zoe was getting car sick pretty frequently and it was getting difficult to deal with.  She was so upset in the car and would vomit all over.  As much as I wanted to wait until they were at least two years old, they are so much happier riding forward and Zoe doesn’t feel so miserable in the car.


Happy Easter-dresses and Easter baskets


Out for a walk on a chilly night, love the hand holding!




Giggles between sisters-Be still my heart!!!!


Having fun in a box!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen these pictures.  If you’re not following me and would like to, here is my Instagram link.

We are looking forward to more of this weather!  Hope you have sunshine where you are also!






4 thoughts on “Twenty One Months

  1. They are sooooooo sweet. Awww poor Zoe.. my M always hits his head really hard too. it makes me want to cover the whole floor with foam matt lol
    I am glad you are feeling better. Its not fun to be sick when its so warm!
    Wow your girls already use potty! I always wondered how it would work with twins… like do you take both of them into the bathroom everyo? I am not looking forward to that stage… 😅

    • Jemma is using the potty on occasion, she’ll sometimes tug at her diaper or will want to go if I use the toilet. Zoe is showing little to no interest. I’m hoping to do an intensive potty training weekend this upcoming summer, would love to get them potty trained by the time the baby arrives.☺️

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