Happy 2nd Birthday Jemma & Zoe!

Dearest Jemma and Zoe-

How are you 2 years old already?  Right before my eyes you’ve gone from tiny little babies to fun, energetic, loving, silly, beautiful, thoughtful and independent little ladies.  I’m amazed at how much you’ve grown in the past two years.

I love how you scrunch your noses when you smile and laugh.  I love that you always kiss owies and bring each other your lovies when each of you is crying.  I love that you share food with Mommy and Daddy when we ask for a bite, even if it’s just a crumb (Jemma!).  I love that you sing in the car and in the stroller, your voices are beautiful!  I love your hugs, especially when you rest your head on my shoulder.

I love your excitement over seeing your grandparents and having friends visit our house.  I love your kindness in sharing toys with others even when you don’t want to.  I love seeing your smiling faces at the back door as I’m walking in from a long day at work.  You make even the worst day at work the best day at home.

Jemma-continue to be your determined, strong-willed, funny self.  Keep saying “nope” and “yup” if it makes you happy.  Keep giving hugs to Zoe even when she refuses them.  Keep eating the berries you love!  Keep loving your Daddy the way you do.  Even though you are Zoe’s twin, you are my first born with a first born personality.  You pave the way, you do things how you want them done, you are determined.  I know you have big things in store for you!

Zoe-continue to be your fearless, silly, stubborn self.  Stay happy and draw people in with your funny personality and infectious laugh.  Keep letting me hold you.  Take care of others like you do.  Continue to share things with Jemma even if she doesn’t always reciprocate.  You will pursue your dreams, don’t let anyone shadow your sunshine!

You are both going to be wonderful, caring and protective big sisters.  I know you will take care of your little brother.  You’ve already shown us and the world what loving people you are.

I’m closing my eyes and holding onto this moment.  This day, the day you were born two years ago, was one of my happiest days.  I longed to be a Mommy and you made that happen!  I love every moment with you, even when we have tough moments, I still love you with all of my heart.  I love being your Mommy, I couldn’t imagine a world without either of you!




JZ newborn

Two weeks old

JZ 2 yo

My little ladies! Love you!


8 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Jemma & Zoe!

  1. What a beautiful letter. I cried! Your girls are such smart and gorgeous people. Well done to you and your husband for being such a great team and being wonderful role models 🙂
    Happy birthday to Zoe and Jemma!! Hope you all had a fantastic day celebrating it❤❤❤😘

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