Pregnancy Update

 I haven’t really documented this pregnancy compared to my first pregnancy. Like I mentioned before, we are so busy with the girls, that this pregnancy is just flying by. I’m already 24 1/2 weeks along, hard to imagine that we are more than halfway there.

When I was pregnant with the girls, I had an ultrasound at almost every OB visit, this time around I’ve only had two since the initial ones at the fertility clinic.
I have my glucose test at my next visit, I failed my one hour with the girls and had to do the three hour test, I’m hoping I’ll pass the one hour this time around, but with how often and how many sweets I like to eat, we’ll have to wait and see….
Overall I’m feeling really good, it’s just now getting hard to bend over and maneuver, but unlike last time, I’m sleeping comfortably and haven’t had to get my body pillow out yet. I’m still able to exercise (although I don’t get to the gym nearly as often as I’d like to since we have the girls at home and I feel guilty leaving them when I’m gone already with work), but staying active has definitely helped me feel good.
I’m being lenient with my diet, eating what sounds good and not being restrictive in anyway. This time around I’ve been more lenient with caffeine and with the permission of my OB have indulged in a regular Americano a few times a week. I think I only had caffeine a handful of time with the girls, so if this boy comes out crazy and out-of-control, I’ll blame the caffeine. πŸ™‚
Last I weighed myself, I was up about 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I had lost a few pounds in my first trimester, so probably up more like 14 pounds total. I can still wear a few of my workout pants and almost all of my leggings, thank goodness for stretchy pants! But, otherwise, wearing maternity clothes, especially for work. I love these asos maternity jeans, they look stylish and are comfortable.
I’m continuing to do acupuncture about once every four weeks, I had carpal tunnel extremely bad with my first pregnancy which interfered with work and with taking care of the girls postpartum. Thank God, I’ve only have a few very mild episodes when I’ve been really busy at work, but otherwise, it hasn’t been an issue. I’m hoping the swelling and edema that I had last time will not happen this time around.
We are in Hawaii this week, our last big hurrah vacation until after baby arrives. The girls are doing really well (taking 2-3 hour naps each day and staying relatively on schedule), but we hardly get a chance to sit down when they are awake. Dining out is always an adventure and not always a fun one! They have discovered Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, so that can buy us a little quiet time when we are hanging out at the condo.
Hubby and I will be going to Suncadia Resort in a few weeks for our tenth dental school reunion for a weekend and will have an overnight stay at Willows Lodge for our anniversary in September, lucky number seven! Looking forward to a little time with just the two of us before we become a family of five!
I’ll be prepping for the girls’ second birthday party after we get home from vacation. We’ll be keeping with our vacation theme and will be hosting a Luau Birthday Party. I’m going to order food from a local Hawaiian restaurant to keep things simple and will make their dessert (probably cupcakes). I can’t believe they are almost 2, I’m so happy that they are growing up happy, healthy and well-loved, but can’t help feel a little sad at how quickly it has flown by and that this time will pass. I love that they need me now, that they want me to hold them, that they want to be around me and I love their innocence and pure joy about everything! If only we could all remember this time in our lives.

23 week bump

Aloha! I’ll post about our trip soon! Hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July!



18 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update

  1. I LOVE Willows Lodge!!! Have fun!

    Sounds like everything is going great! I bet this feels super easy compared to last time. Just think how easy this single baby will be compared to your first go-around! He better be easy. πŸ˜‰

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    • When did you stay there? Yes, this pregnancy feels much easier than with the girls so far, I hope it continues for the remaining weeks and delivery. An easy going baby would be icing on the cake!

      • Brian works at Microsoft so stays there every time he comes out. We went on our own little getaway to the islands and Seattle a couple of years ago and stayed there. He wanted me to experience his happy little resort. I loved it!

      • Brian works at Microsoft and stays there every time he comes out. We went on our own little getaway to the islands and Seattle a couple of years ago and stayed there for a couple of nights. He wanted me to experience his happy little resort!

  2. The dreaded glucose test! I’ll keep my fingers crossed! You look amazing! Sounds like your baby fix is coming just in time. Make sure to watch the episodes when baby Margaret is born! Some of our favorites!

  3. You look great!!
    It is so neat to hear your pregnancy updates compared to your twin pregnancy. I am glad to hear you are doing well and you can still enjoy life without too much restrictions πŸ™‚ Twin pregnancy and a first pregnancy is always more strict with everything isn’t it?

    I hope you continue to feel well and can keep up with your busy girls. πŸ™‚ I love seeing your Instagram photos of your vacation! Your girls seem to be doing so well on a trip! Enjoy your falimy time now.
    I am excited to hear about their birthday!

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