The Final Countdown

24 days!!!!  That is the most amount of days that remain before baby arrives.  I have my scheduled C-section for October 21st, but I hope and feel like baby may arrive before then. This pregnancy seems to have flown by, especially compared to my first pregnancy with the girls.  Overall, this pregnancy has been so much easier and I’m glad that it followed my more difficult twin pregnancy and not vice versa.  I have had no food aversions, no nausea, no swelling (so far!), no carpal tunnel and have just overall felt much more mobile and semi-normal.  My only recent complaint is that I came down with a cold (which I caught from one of our daughters) three weeks ago and am still fighting it off.  I started with a scratchy throat, which turned into a cough, chest congestion, head congestion and finally a sinus infection.  I’m currently on Augmentin (I really wanted to avoid antibiotics, but I had to give in with how crappy I’ve been feeling) and have been using my neti pot religiously!  I never thought I would like my neti pot as much as I do now.

The nursery is pretty much ready to go, I still need to wash baby’s crib sheets and some of his new clothes, but I think it’s come together pretty well.  On my list of things to do is to pack my hospital bag, have Hubby put the girls’ new car seats in my car, which are narrower than our existing ones, so that we can put all three kids across our back seat.  We had the girls in the Evenflow Symphony and just switched them to the Diono Radian.  We are avoiding having to get a new vehicle for the time being.  However, we can’t take any other passengers with us as is, and this can be especially difficult since my Mom stays with us from out of town when she is helping us with the kids.  We think we’ll eventually look at the Honda Pilot as our family car.  Any thoughts for those of you with twins plus one?

The girls are getting excited for baby.  They always talk about my tummy and baby brother.  They have lots of books preparing them for the arrival of a little brother and they always point out any baby and say “baby” when we are out and about.  They are extremely mommy-centered right now, so I hope that they won’t be too jealous when the baby arrives.  My husband is super hands-on, so I have a feeling he’ll handle them and make sure they feel special once baby comes.

Hubby was out of town recently and I felt like I finally saw a bit of the “terrible twos” coming out with the girls.  They are gaining independence which is wonderful, but while he was gone, they had several tantrums and meltdowns.  They didn’t want to listen to any of my directions, wanted to do everything for themselves, acted defiantly, and overall gave this tired Mommy a lot to deal with.  I called Hubby and wished him a nice time in California, but told him that I couldn’t wait for him to come home.  I have even more respect for single parents out there!

Jemma is completely potty trained and Zoe is in pull-ups.  Zoe has pretty much lost interest in using the potty, but she isn’t upset about it and doesn’t mind that Jemma goes in the potty and she doesn’t.  In fact, she still continues to cheer for Jemma when she goes.  She even cheers for me-“yay Mommy!” when I’m successful on the toilet!  Haha!  Jemma is doing so well with her potty training, she even went to the bathroom, shut the door and went without even telling me she had to go.  She still refuses to wear underwear, so it’s commando for now.

The girls vocabulary has exploded, they talk all the time and have so many words and phrases.  It continues to amaze me and I’m always fascinated by how much they pick up from the world around them.  They are very observant and notice everything!  We have to be careful what comes out of our mouths!

Our family is excited and anxious to welcome another child.  I have to admit, after having such an intense and tough delivery last time around, I am nervous about the birth and recovery, but I hope it will all go smoothly and uneventful.  Hubby and I still have not decided on a name, we have it narrowed down to a couple of names, maybe baby will look like one name more than the other.  Jemma wants to name the baby “Bubbles” and Zoe wants to name the baby “Carlo”.  I don’t think we’ll be going with either of their choices.  🙂


Evening at one of our neighborhood parks


On the bouncy see-saw with Mommy

One last thing-we are dealing with one of our cats acting out.  He has been acting out on and off since the girls became mobile and more vocal-I guess around the time they were six months or so.  He’s a wonderful cat that we’ve had for about 4 years or so, he’s very loving and sweet, but we are continually having to deal with his bad behavior.  He peed and pooped on the baby’s brand new rug in the nursery.  My husband is more attached to him, so it’s been a difficult conversation.  I think our cat is anxious with all of the changes in our home, which there are about to be more!   I think he would do well in a household without young children.  I told Hubby he can try getting our cat onto a prescription for his anxiety, but if that doesn’t work, sadly, we need to find him a new home.

I’ll keep all of you posted, hopefully I’ll be able to post a couple of times before baby boy arrives!



19 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Eek not long to go now! Made me laugh that you get cheered too when you go to the toilet 🙈 Nora grabs toilet paper off me now and runs around fake blowing her nose then all of her cuddly toy’s noses! I hope things keep going smoothly x

  2. LMAO yay mommy! So glad she’s helping you potty train yourself! My youngest son when he was two figured out how to unlock the bathroom and thought he should accompany everyone to the bathroom at all times it was a difficult year lol So glad all is going well! I have 20 days left til due date and I am exhausted my kids are older now I can’t imagine running around after two toddlers and being so very pregnant! You are super mom in my eyes!

  3. Gah…I can’t believe you’re so close. Also, good to know that my birthday is 24 days away. Lol. I can’t wait to see this little guy! Hoping you, the girls, and your cat can stay anxiety free over these last weeks before he arrives!

  4. 10/21 is Gus’ birthday! We’ve been looking at bigger cars ever since we started TTC #2 and my mom moved in with us, and I’m not sure about the Pilot, but I know the Odyssey can fit three car seats across the second row.

  5. You’re almost there! My twins have the same car seats you have now and we love them. That said, I was more than ready to get a bigger vehicle and we went with the Toyota Sienna. Best decision I ever made – I took out one of the middle bucket seats. The twins go in the way back together and the baby goes in the remaining bucket seat. So much space!

  6. I have a 4 year old and 11 month old twins. We have a Honda Pilot and it is PERFECT for our family. When we don’t have out of town visitors we actually leave the 3rd row folded down, so that we have a huge trunk space. I usually have two double strollers back there (my chicco umbrella one and my large contours options which accepts their infant seats). 3 car seats fit across the middle row very easily, even large car seats. I definitely recommend it!

  7. We have the Diono Radian RXTs as well and I LOOOOOVE them. We also just bought a GMC Acadia that seats 8, and I’m also in love with it. If I did anything differently I’d probably have gone with bucket seats instead of a bench seat in the middle just for ease of access to the back seat, but we often just need the capacity for the front 5 seats and use the back seat folded down for more storage space in back. It was only 8″ longer than my Ford Fusion so still fit easily in our garage, but SO much roomier for people AND stuff. I highly recommend it!

      • We got a 2015 because we liked the older model better. It had 20,000 miles on it with a few years of the warranty left, and was $30k instead of $45k. Ha!

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