Thirty eight weeks

Thirty eight and a half to be more precise!  I’m at work right now, my schedule has lightened up a bit and this is the last week that I’m seeing patients.  However, I don’t think baby boy is planning on making an early appearance yet.  As of my last appointment, my cervix is fully closed and I’m not having many contractions.

I signed off on my C-section paperwork last Thursday, my OB and I are still hoping for a VBAC if I go into labor before next Friday, but like I said, I’m not too hopeful about going into labor.  She went over the risks such as an emergency C-section or uterine rupture (both of which I am terrified of given my last delivery) and we agreed that if things are not progressing with a VBAC that we’ll shift gears to a C-section sooner than later.

My assistant is getting married this coming Saturday, so I would love to make it to her wedding and then baby can come anytime after that.  I would love his birthday to fall on Sunday, 10.16.16 (but again, wishful thinking!)

Our cat is now on Prozac, he hasn’t had any “accidents” since he started it, but has been quite lethargic.  The vet said that it is normal for our cat to be lethargic and lazy as he acclimates to the medication, but I hope he gets a little pep back.

I’m very excited for the arrival of our son, but getting a bit emotional about how our family will be changing.  The girls have been my “babies” for over two years, I love them so much and can’t imagine sharing my love with another human (even though I know I will).  I know they will be wonderful big sisters, but I worry about their envy or possible jealously over the new baby and I don’t want them to feel like I have less time for them.  I keep telling them that Daddy will be helping them more when baby comes since I’ll be busy with their baby brother.  I’ve seen pictures on social media of Moms giving their older children hugs as they leave them for their delivery and it brings up so many emotions for me.


Thirty seven weeks


Thirty-eight weeks (38 weeks 3 days)

Today is a beautiful sunny fall day here in Seattle, a storm is on the horizon tonight that is suppose to last through the weekend.  I’ll be seeing my OB again on Friday…..I’ll keep you all posted!



10 thoughts on “Thirty eight weeks

  1. So, almost three years ago when I had Gus, I was scheduled for an induction, but the weekend before I went to my cousin’s wedding, and I’m convinced that’s what started my labor. So fingers crossed the wedding this weekend gets things started for you!

  2. So close to your due date! I would love for a 10/16/16 due date too glad I’m not the only one wishing for that lol! Hopefully you will get to go to your assistants wedding! One of my friends is having her baby shower this Friday and I am planning on going to that and having a good time! I get emotional when I think about leaving my older kids for the hospital too! Mine are much older and not biologically mine but I still get tearful when I think about all the changes that are about to happen for them! I hope they are all good changes!

  3. You look great!

    I had a very hard time in the hospital when Bryson came along because I really, really missed Matthew. I cried a lot. But, your heart only grows and adds more capacity for love…. None of the love you have for the girls will be reduced. ❤

    Good luck!!!! I’m anxious to hear from you on the other side!

      • Haha we are great! Life is insane. But it’s typically not the baby – it’s the twins! And having one baby is such a breeze, he will just go with the flow with whatever your girls are up to! Youll be so surprised at how quickly this new life takes shape at home!

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