That’s a wrap 2016, Hello 2017!

I hope all of you had a happy holiday season and that your 2017 is off to a great start!  2016 was a great year for our family with the addition of our sweet boy, Davis.  I don’t know if it was the best year for politics or other happenings in the world, but we were so blessed to become a family of five.  Between my pregnancy and my delivery, 2016 seemed to go by in a flash.

Our holiday season was probably not the best one our family has had.  Both of my in-laws came down with terrible respiratory colds and we didn’t spend Christmas Eve at their house as planned.  We still have yet to see my MIL as she is still sick and home in bed.  My Mom has had to stay in town for an extra two weeks so far to help us with our children and we are continuing to pray that my MIL will be healthy soon and back to helping us out as well as feeling good.  Since my in-laws were both sick, my husband’s brothers came down to our place on Christmas Eve and we went out for Chinese food (like everyone else apparently).  We went to a small Chinese place near our house and it took over two hours to have dinner, let’s just say it wasn’t the most enjoyable two hours when you have two toddlers and a newborn to appease.  Plus, since the restaurant is so small, we had to split up and we didn’t even get to sit with my parents and brother/sister in laws.

We also had a stomach bug go through our house, although we didn’t know it was a stomach bug at first.  We made cut out cookies the Thursday before Christmas, the girls had a lot of fun and each got to eat a large cookie with frosting on top.  The next morning we discovered Jemma had gotten sick all over in her crib, but chalked it up to too much sugar.  She was a little lethargic and quiet, but didn’t have any more episodes.  Fast forward to the day after Christmas and the bug hit Zoe and we were up all night with her getting sick, she couldn’t keep anything down for about twelve hours and we also had to work on that following Tuesday.  Both Hubby and I felt very nauseous for a couple of days, but luckily didn’t get sick.  We are so lucky that we hadn’t had a stomach bug in our house up until this point and I hope we don’t have another one for a very very very long time, no fun at all.

Besides the above incidences, we had a wonderful Christmas.  The girls definitely are understanding the concept of Christmas, Santa, etc and it’s so fun and magical to see the Christmas season through their sweet, innocent eyes!  All they asked for this year from Santa was a cupcake and a candy cane (although they didn’t even eat them because of not feeling well), so Santa had it pretty easy this year.  They did get a Hatchimal, which was apparently one of the hot toys this year.  It’s pretty cute and Zoe has really taken to it as her pet.  The girls enjoyed spending time with their Uncles and one Aunt who came to town and we did some fun holiday things around town and at home.

Davis enjoyed his first Christmas-meeting new family members and getting lots of cuddles and time being held.

For New Year’s Eve we had some close friends and their kids over and celebrated a New York New Year’s Eve, champagne and sparkling cider toasts at 9 PM and then everyone straight to bed!  Oh-how the times have changed!


Our first visit with Santa! Jemma looking quite sly! Even Davis smiling for the camera.


Sweet smile from Davis at Hubby’s Office Christmas Party!


Girls making a gingerbread house, which went surprisingly well.


Making cookies for Santa, the cookie that led up to incident #1.


Davis looking quite dapper in his reindeer sweater.


Christmas morning!


Christmas evening with my parents


New Year’s Eve! A picture of all the girls!

May 2017 bless you with much happiness, health, and joy!  We thank God every day for all of our many blessings.  Every day in our house is chaotic and crazy, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world-we have three miracle babies and love them so much!  I often have to stop myself in all the craziness to realize how lucky I truly am.



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