Davis Three Months

Hard to believe that January is over tomorrow!  Our little boy is three months old and we are just smitten with him!  He continues to be happy, predictable, full of smiles and giggles and so so sweet.  The only time he fusses and gets upset is when he is hungry or when he’s had enough and you try to place the bottle in his mouth.

Unlike with the twins, we are so much more go-with-the-flow with Davis.  He naps on and off throughout the day and often naps in the car or when we are out and about.  We were super strict with the girls’ schedule and wouldn’t leave the house when they were napping, but with two toddlers it’s hard to always stay home.  He seems to do just fine with a less structured schedule, but there are days when I wish his naps were longer and more peaceful for him.  He has finally come around to liking his swing and of course, right when he likes it the motor for the swing-arm finally gave way.

Davis continues to do about a six hour stretch at night.  I’m still nursing him until he falls asleep and then we transfer him to his rock n’ play which we have in our room with us.  We are continuing to use the Woombie at night (we absolutely loved the Woombie for the girls).  This particular one has convertible arm holes, so we’ll be able to use it once we don’t want him “swaddled” any longer.  I think it provides security like a swaddle, but it doesn’t come undone and it’s stretchy enough for him to move his arms around.  Plus it zips from the bottom making night time diaper changes easy.

Davis takes a four ounce bottle every three or so hours when I’m not home.  As my milk supply continues to be adequate (and much better than with the girls), I’m mostly nursing him during the evenings and weekends and cutting down on my pumping.  It’s been a nice transition to not have to pump six to seven times a day, on weekends I’m down to about four pumping sessions per day.  I think he’s getting much more efficient at nursing.

Davis is wearing size one diapers because we had a box to still get through, but we have size two ready to go.  The size one diapers are definitely getting too snug.  He’s in 3-6 month clothing, but depending on the brand even the 3-6 month size is a little small.  He’s a chunky little boy, but I love his chunkiness and rolls!

Speaking of rolling….Davis rolled over on January 25th, just a few days after turning three months!  He hasn’t fully rolled over since, but he gets up on his side very easily and I think will be rolling over regularly soon.  He is growing up so fast and we will really have our hands full once he’s mobile!  I think he’ll hit his milestones much quicker than the girls since he’ll constantly be trying to keep up with them.


All smiles at 3 months


Loving the ceiling fan!


Hanging out with Mommy


Love his chunky thighs!


Working on rolling over


Wearing D around the house to keep him happy

Davis continues to be a delight and the best little addition to our family.  The girls are so sweet to him and it’s so much fun seeing them as big sisters.  Although our life can be crazy and chaotic, we are so blessed and happy!



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